A Friday In My Glamorous Life - Sammy Makes Six

A Friday In My Glamorous Life

Friday was one of those rare days that Adrian and I get to go off on our own for a full day without kids. We get this opportunity about once a month but I usually insist on taking Sammy and the girls with us. Those days are fun, but it's also nice to be able to take off alone and enjoy each others company. Friday was one of those rare days. 

My Makeup of the Day, always so exciting, I know. I am working pretty hard in growing my presence in the beauty community on Instagram. Cosmetics/beauty has always been one of my passions, and I wanted to integrate it into what I do online. It's a lot of fun for me to be able to incorporate something I love so much, into what I already do, it's really re-ignited my love for social media. It's incredible to me how much power the average person has, and how many products are sold just by seeing them on social media. I buy so many products that I see being shared by others on IG and YouTube, so much more so than products being hocked by celebrities or expensive advertising. Social Media has really give people the power....and I love it!

Me and the man. I know he really enjoys these days between just us. He mentioned Sammy all day long and he kept saying that we should have taken her with us, but that was more out of guilt than anything because we almost never leave her. But I know he really appreciates the days that we can spend alone. That way we can pick and choose what we want to eat, drink and where we want to go. When the kids are with us, we basically have to do everything they want.

Whenever we go to LA for the day, the routine starts off the same. We always stop by either the Costco in Moreno Valley or Corona for gas and maybe some food. A lot of times we also go inside to do some shopping, which I love, Costco just has the deals! But it can also get expensive because you are paying for bulk items, so if I don't feel like spending a bunch of cash I will skip it. This time Adrian said there was a bunch of coupons for items we use all the time, so we had to go in. The deals were pretty darn awesome, I could have grabbed a lot more and I probably should have, but I tried to control myself to around $50 worth of stuff. Happy to say I am stocked up on soap, toothpaste and shampoo for a few months! In a house with so many females, those tampons won't last very long...but they are so expensive :(

After this stop Adrian pretty much set off to work visiting his customers and just trying to sell as much as he could. FYI, my boyfriend is a natural supplement salesman, he drives around the many towns from here to LA dropping off products to his clients. Usually his day is pretty full until around 7, but we get to stop off anywhere we want during that time. So even though the day is kind of tedious and long, I like going because I can go to so may places and stores that are not in our town. Our town is super small and there is no mall or real stores nearby. These outings with him are my escape into the real world and so I take advantage of them every chance I get. 

Adrian finished work at 6:30 and right before having dinner (Mongolian), we stopped off at Ulta for some Essence polishes. I've been slowly working on reviewing Essence here on the blog because it's such an underrated, yet super affordable brand. I especially love the polishes because of the color range and just how cute those little bottles are. And as you know, I love me some nail polish. Taking advantage of the $3.50 off a $10 purchase coupon (which Ulta always has), I decided it was time to grab a few more colors. FYI, you can save even more when they have the Essence Buy One Get One Free Sale and the coupon. I got that great deal during my last two Essence hauls and really got the items super cheap. 

The only thing that really frustrates me about Essence is how little of the product line we get in the states. I see so many amazing colors and other products online, and we get none of that. Essence Cosmetics is a German made brand and they are very big in Europe and other countries where they get the entire line, here we get crumbs. I def grabbed the one and only color available in the Sparkle Sand Effect line and the mint I was looking for. I grabbed another bottle that is the exact shade of the color of the year and a pretty lavender that is great for Spring. The polishes are $1.99, the top coat which I was hoping was a good one, was 2.49. In total after my coupon I only spent  $7.58. That is an insanely low price for 5 bottles of polish.

Me and my Lover, That's What Mint, Oh My Glitter!, Break Through and 
Essence Gel Look Top Coat. 

We ended the day on a sweet note at the always super-packed Yogurtland in Lakewood right across from the mall. This place is always so full, especially Friday nights when the line can get outside the door. I'm not sure what the obsession is, because I like froyo as much as the next guy, but it's not like life changing for me. Still, I enjoyed a fresh and tangy cup of strawberry and the new citrus tart yogurt with fresh fruit and bobas. I also added 5 cherries which are my fave. After that it was an hour and a half drive home where I mostly tried not to fall asleep. I have this phobia thing where I think that if I am so tired that I fall asleep that the driver will fall asleep too, so even though he always insists I go to sleep on the drive home, I spend the entire time jerking awake in horror. It's really attractive to watch, i'm sure. 

This trip I took no pictures of the road or LA, which I usually do. I just kind of chilled and ate my way through. All in all it was nice day. Adrian had a decent day, his sales were better than most days, I only spent that tiny bit in Ulta and didn't go overboard like I usually do, and we enjoyed each others company. There should be more days like this! 

How was your Friday?

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