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Personalize Your Space With Kleenex's 100+ Designs #KleenexStyle

This post brought to you by Kleenex. All opinions are my own.

We spent most of January fighting what was surely our 6th winter cold. Being so sick while at the same time moving, was not the biz, that's for sure. Now I am just super relieved that everyone is feeling a little bit better now and we can finally get down to the business of unpacking and starting to decorate our new town home. It feels really empty right now, with no furniture at all downstairs and only our bedroom furniture upstairs. The house is actually very cute and it has a ton of potential, but it is missing furniture as well as all those little personal touches that make a house into  a home. 

One of the ways that I have found to give the house and extra touch of style and comfort, even in this state of almost no furniture, is by adding some stylish Kleenex boxes to each of the rooms. Did you know that Kleenex has more than 100 designs? I did not know this until I went to visit the Kleenex Style Studio. Here I found so many cute designs that I never knew existed. How adorable is this It's A Hoot design?

It's a Hoot

Or this Rendez  Vous style?

Rendez Vous

I currently have the Blooms Hosta design on my bedside table. This clean, crisp design gives an added bit of color and elegance to my nightstand. Kleenex Brand Designs are so elegant and stylish, that you never feel like you have the hide the box. Instead you can take these great designs and help them make your space even better and more personalized. 

With so many Kleenex designs available, you can find the one that truly fits your style and your home decor. I am looking forward to taking a trip to Target this weekend to find a few of the other designs that were not at my Walmart. I already have all my favorites picked out. 

Do you know the difference between high fashion and Kleenex Brand Design?

See if you have what it takes to distinguish between actual patterns in fabrics and patterns in Kleenex boxes. Take the quiz for a chance to win an all expense trip to New York, a personal visit with a design star and $5,000 for a shopping spree! Everyone who takes the quiz will get a coupon for Kleenex products for you to use on your next Kleenex purchase.

To play, visit the Kleenex style finder landing page and click on the “sweeps” tab.

Whether you're adding a pop of color to your home or to your handbag,  Kleenex has you covered. Visit the Kleenex Style Studio and find out what your Kleenex Style is.


2 Girls in 2 Cities said...

Ooh! Cute boxes! Stopping by from Linqia.

Smash Bravo said...

My stores had none of the cuter round boxes. I want so many designs that I saw in the style finder