Shining a Bright Light on Local Heroes: Health Mart Pharmacy Champions of Care Challenge #HealthMartCares #ad - Sammy Makes Six

Shining a Bright Light on Local Heroes: Health Mart Pharmacy Champions of Care Challenge #HealthMartCares #ad

This is a sponsored post with the Niche Parent Network & Conference. All opinions are my own. 

Do you know someone who is dedicating themselves to the health of their community? Volunteers are heroes in my book, and a lot of times, these heroes never the get the recognition that they so deserve. How great would it be to give these amazing heroes an opportunity to not only get that much deserved recognition, as well as a means for them to be able to do even more? Health Mart pharmacists are taking things into their own hands and awarding $50,000 in grants to community health non-profit organizations. You can nominate a great volunteer that you think needs to be recognized, you can even nominate yourself, during the Health Mart’s Champions of Care Challenge.

A healthy community is a strong community. Do you know someone who teaches an exercise class at the senior center, or maybe you know someone who delivers healthy lunches to those who are ill and can't leave their home? I know someone who takes three afternoons a week of his own time, to teach elementary students soccer. His passion is to get children moving, and away from technology, at least for a few hours a week. I also know a neighbor who makes time to walk around delivering fresh vegetable, she purchases herself, to those in need. All these volunteers deserve a chance to shine a little bit brighter, and if they win one of the Health Mart’s Champions of Care Challenge prizes, they get to choose which non-profit in their area gets the grant that they won. This is money that would go a long way to making a healthier tomorrow for so many people. 

Health Mart’s Champions of Care Challenge will shine a bright light on those unsung local heroes whose everyday actions have built healthier families, workplaces, neighborhoods and communities. 

  • A $30,000 grant chosen by the grand prize winner 
  • A $3,000 grant chosen by the 2nd place winner 
  • A $2,000 grant chosen by the 3rd place winner 
  • $1,000 grants chosen by each of 15 finalists

How do I nominate someone?

Visit TODAY to nominate someone or yourself for the Champions of Care Challenge from Health Mart! Starting on March 17th, the public will have two weeks to vote for their favorite Champions of Care at 

There is still plenty of time to nominate those special volunteers that give so much of themselves. Make sure to check back next month, when it's time to vote for your hero. 

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