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Review: Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation

I am a foundation junkie and I am also a big lover of matte finishes. When I heard about Rimmel's Stay Matte Foundation, I literally looked for it for weeks on end before finally finding it at Walgreens. I have purchased two tubes so far. The first one was in True Beige, which ended up being a bit dark for me, so I passed it to Cici and then got the Soft Beige at Rite Aid, which suits me better. I had a coupon for $1 off for both, which made the $5.49 price even sweeter. And I have found that Rite Aid has it for only $4.99, at least at my store. This very low price makes this foundation accessible to ALL, and I love that. Lately drugstore foundations have been getting up there in price, I buy the Covergirl 3-in-one for my girls and just a few bottles and I a spending about $36. So this is fantastic price. 

Rimmel states they make this foundation in 8 shades, which you don't ever really see at the store. I found the shade selection to be very limited. Luckily, I am a medium shade. It's also kind of hard to figure out which color you are, just judging by the tube. I think a lot of people had to switch out colors like I did, because of this. The tube is very cute though, I do like the packaging. I also like how easy it is to squeeze out and how it does not just gush out at me, the way one of my favorite Wet N Wild Foundations (Coverall) does. So let's get on to this review, I've been testing this for over a week now and here are my thoughts. 

Rimmel's claims:
A feather light, oil free formula with an airy mousse texture that won’t feel heavy or greasy. Delivers all day shine control and blends flawlessly for a natural looking matte finish. Minimizes the appearance of pores. The weight is over – finally, shine has met its matte.

I wore this three times in the last week and I think my conclusion has to be that I LOVE it, as long as I moisturize and apply the right amount. This mousse foundation covers so much and just a little bit goes a really long way. It does leave your face flawless and smooth, and definitely super matte. Every time I have worn this, I have had a matte finish, up until about the 6th hour and only on my nose. Usually I get oily in my entire T zone, but this does a really good job of keeping most of my skin oil free. Now it has been cool lately, so how it will work during those hot summer months still waits to be seen. 

I have pretty bad rosacea on my cheeks and chin and this product completely covered up all signs of it. I would say coverage is medium-full. And on that note I would also say that it might not be a good idea to build this up too much or you might get that cake face look. That's if you mind cake face, if you don't, then build away. 

As for anyone who has dry skin, I don't know how this will work for you. I have combo skin and my nose and forehead are oily and yet dry at the same time. There was one day (below) that I didn't have time to moisturize and the foundation clung to every single dry spot and wrinkle. I looked old that morning, and that is what I get for doing my makeup in ten minutes and rushing out of the house. But it only looked like that for a few hours, thank goodness!

By the end of the day, roughly 7 hours later, the foundation had worked itself into my skin with my oils and didn't look dry and cakey anymore. That is pretty good and I like that a lot about this foundation. It makes my skin and entire face look good up until I take it off. Really I would not believe this picture below is almost 7 hours after applying makeup. Right?

This was another day, you can see the morning pic and then about 6 hours later. All I had was a bit of shine on my nose and I didn't even think it was bad enough to touch up. 

Overall I have to say this is a winner for me. The price is super low, I paid $4 on the second tube, and I have two more coupons so you can bet I am going to get two more asap. The shine control is definitely there, it makes your skin as flawless as can be and even though it's not light, it's also not so heavy that your skin can't breathe. I have tried foundations that make your skin feel like it's dying for air, and then you break out. So far none of that at all. I would suggest moisturizing really well and maybe even using a setting spray if you don't like that super matte look. I am 40 so it does settle into my wrinkles, because I laugh a lot and have many under my eyes. It covered my pores pretty well, which you can tell in the pics because I have pretty big pores on my nose, and I did NOT use a primer.  For the price, I think it's an awesome deal and it definitely has more pros than cons.

I must say I am a little bit in love with this foundation. If you haven't tried it, what are you waiting for?

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Betzy Carmona said...

I'm so glad it worked for you ! I've seen so many negative reviews on it but I want to try it after your review