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Make Your Community A Better Place To Live - Submit Your Cause #StateFarmAyuda #SFNeighborhoodAssist

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My family and I live in a very small, rural-type town in Southern California. After living in more affluent towns all my life, it's sad sometimes when I compare how different those towns where to this place. There aren't a lot of jobs, there are very, very limited resources and things are just tough all around. It's so hard to see this little town suffering, watching it's people suffer, because their community can not provide for them. We need senior services, we need a place for the children to play to be able to hang out safely, we need a huge neighborhood cleanup. But all those things take money, and that is another thing that is sorely lacking. 

All of our communities are lacking in one thing or another in this economy. If you or someone you know, has an idea that will make your town a better place to live, State Farm is giving you an opportunity to do something about it. State Farm invites you to submit your idea for chance to win one of 40 $25,000 State Farm Neighborhood Assist® grants.  Just imagine how far a $25,000 grant could go into making your idea a reality!  

Beginning on March 3rd, people are invited to submit causes via the free State Farm Neighborhood Assist Facebook app. One very important thing to note is that ONLY a maximum of 4,000 cause submissions will be accepted (deadline of March 23). The State Farm Youth Advisory Board will then review all submissions and identify the top 200 based on a scoring rubric. The top 200 causes will be announced on April 28. If your cause makes it to the top 200, this is where you can involve your friends, family and community for support. Anyone who has the free Facebook app can vote for their favorite causes with up to 10 votes per day until May 16. The top 40 vote-receiving causes will then each receive a $25,000 grant to help address the submitted cause. The top 40 vote-receiving causes will be announced via the Facebook app on May 27.

Submit your cause on the State Farm Neighborhood Assist Facebook app, starting March 3rd. Remember that only 4,000 submissions will be accepted. This is one of those really great opportunities that can make such a huge difference for our communities. Take advantage of it! Submit your causes and give your community a chance to receive some much needed help. 

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