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Loreal : The Mystic's Future Swatches

Before getting into this post let me explain my pics. I had so many pictures of this polish and my finished nails, uploaded to my computer. This was just one of many items I had already photographed ahead of time, and when my laptop crashed last week I lost them all. Tons of photos of products and swatches, all down the drain. :( sad face. Now on to this beautiful purple, fuchsia polish. I purchased this sometime last fall at Rite Aid for only $1.49. This was a great price for a Loreal polish and exactly the kind of deal I love to score. Even though most of the cosmetics that I share with you are budget friendly, I still try never to pay full price for any of them. Instead I wait for Buy One Get One Half Off Sales or coupons. 

The Mystic's Future came from a L’Oreal Project Runway Limited Edition Collection, I got two of the polishes for that super low clearance price. The other is in a green tone and I can't remember the name of the top of my head, but both are really deep, gorgeous shades. 

I was expecting a little bit more opaqueness from a Loreal polish. But it took me three coats to get the color just right. At least there was no streaking at all, like with the recent Charlotte XO polishes I have swatched recently. The color is absolutely beautiful, especially in the sun! It is super eye-catching and did last a good 4-5 days with no chips. 

I am planning a Valentine's Day nail series in the next week or so, stay tuned for that and many more beauty reviews/swatches!

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Maria D. said...

Love that shade of purple! I need to do my nails!