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Happiness Is...

Let's face it, Monday's are pretty dreadful. All of January was pretty dreadful in fact. But I talked to myself last night at midnight, as I was trying to sleep, and I promised myself no more sadness or negativity. I know I have to send good energy out in order to get it back. On that note, I want to share a few things that make me happy these days. 

Happiness is...waking up knowing these two little guys are home. Both boys are currently splitting time between here and their fathers houses and of course it feels like they spend less time here. It's unusual for both of them to be here at once, so this grandma has been enjoying having them both here at the same time. They have been hanging out and actually play really well on the rug in my room, with all of Sammy's toys, even though Julius is so much older. I can see how they are definitely going to be best buds. They are going to be very handsome cousins and best friends. 

Happiness is...seeing my little girl so happy about Spirit Week at school. She goes to a uniform only school so getting a full week of theme days is very fun for her. She is most excited about Wednesday, which is Hero day. She has a pink cape and mask that she is wearing and she can't stop talking about it. 

Happiness is...knowing next week is Presidents week and it's a full weeks vacation for Sammy. It's not just vacation for her but for me, I HATE waking up so early on these cold winter mornings. It will be nice to be able to sleep in next week and to watch my baby enjoy an entire week off.

Happiness is...knowing I get to see my grandchildren this Friday. I haven't seen three of the kids in a few weeks and I am finally getting to see them this week. I miss them so much.

Happiness is...work is picking up a bit after such a slow January. As a self employed mom, having plenty of work is so important. I am so happy to see it's finally picking up!

What are you happy about these days, what makes you smile?

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MikiHope said...

I can't believe how big Julius is getting and he certainly is going to be one handsome guy! Oh those two little boys are definitely going to be best buddies--ladies watch out!! Sammy has also turned into such a pretty little lady--all your kids and you are so good looking, I love to see all the pics you put up of yourself and your family. Just remember that rough times pass (I have to keep reminding myself of that also!)