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Free App Your Little Girl Will Adore: Talking Anya Dress Up & Pet Puppies

This is a sponsored post, however all opinions are my own. 

Sammy loves to play on her daddy's iPad or her sisters iPod. She only gets an hour and a half per day to spend playing games, so she is pretty picky about what she does during that time. Talking apps for kids are all the rage right now, but so far I hadn't found her one as cute as Talking Anya. This app is so fun and Anya is beyond adorable. We have had hours of fun talking to her in Spanish, which she records with her microphone and then she repeats what we said. She doesn't even have an accent, she says everything perfectly. 

Anya can also be dressed up in very cute outfits (She can be dressed up as a fairy, bee, princess, lady bug, cinderella, santa and Rudolph. She has her own winter wear with boots!!), and she has different hair do's that are really cute and fun. Anya is so talented, she can even dance The Macarena and you can tickle her like crazy. Sammy has really enjoyed playing around with her and discovering the many things she can do. 

The Talking Anya app is free but as with most apps, you can pay to unlock some extra features, like 5 adorable puppies. Whether you stick to the free version, or get the upgrades, this is a really fun app that children will really enjoy. This app is definitely a keeper for Sammy. She really likes little Anya, you can heat them giggling together, which is kind of Technology has come so far, hasn't it?

You can find the Talking Anya Dress Up & Pet Puppies app on iTunes. 

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