For Game Day or Any Day, T.G.I. Friday’s Frozen Chicken Wings #TGIFGameDay #ad - Sammy Makes Six

For Game Day or Any Day, T.G.I. Friday’s Frozen Chicken Wings #TGIFGameDay #ad

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This year's big game caught us right in the middle of what has become a very problematic move. We have no electricity in half the house, two huge leaks and one dead computer. I didn't even think we would be able to pull of anything in the end, but then I realized all we would need would be some easy-to-make appetizers to go with the frozen pizza I already had stocked up on. I ran out to the store ( seriously Walmart gets me out of so many binds) to grab the ever popular T.G.I. Friday's Chicken Wings. These are available at Walmart along with many other T.G.I. Friday's favorites. My store was actually supposed to have a demo but was canceled last minute, but I still found our favorite chicken wings in BBQ flavor. This is the flavor that the entire family including kids, can enjoy.

Before we talk about to ease of preparing these delicious chicken wings, let's check out this selection of T.G.I.Friday's appetizers. How delicious does everything look? I couldn't decide between the Chicken Wings and the Potato Skins. Chicken Wings ended up winning out because they are just everyone's favorite. For the spicy chicken wing lovers, they have amazing Buffalo Style Sauce Chicken Wings too.

So even with almost no dishes, half a kitchen with no electricity and no furniture, my family got to enjoy some delicious T.G.I. Friday’s Frozen Chicken Wings Honey BBQ Sauce. All I needed to make this yumminess happen, was a cookie sheet and a working oven. Believe me, having had a working oven in this house is a big miracle compared to how everything else is going. There was no prep time at all, just preheat your oven to 450, place the wings on the cookie sheet and cook in 2 sets of 12 minutes. To make it even easier you get the BBQ sauce already mixed, just defrost the baggies and either toss the chicken wings in the sauce or serve on the side for dipping. We are dippers. This sauce is AMAZING by the way!

When I pulled the wings out of the oven the second time, you could hear them sizzling away and they smelled so good. They were so crispy, meaty and full of flavor, and definitely got a thumbs up from everyone.

I am really happy that we were able to enjoy the big game at home with delicious appetizers and plenty of pizza. This time we didn't have a big crew of family and friends, but the most important people were here, and we had fun. The food I prepared also ended up being lot more affordable than ordering from a takeout restaurant, which is great because the last thing I needed was to spend more money. T.G.I. Friday's appetizers aren't just for game day though. You can enjoy them anytime, from the comfort of home and with almost no fuss. Just make sure your oven works! We had a great #TGIFGameDay, despite the circumstances, how about you?

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Sarah Roe said...

That sauce is amazing! These look so yummy! #client