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Wet N Wild Mega Slicks Balm Stains First Impressions and Swatches

I've been searching high and low for the new Wet N Wild Megaslicks BalmStains for over a month now. Finally yesterday I walked into a Walgreens that I had already checked at before, and they now had them. The selection was pretty picked over but I did manage to get four colors to try out. These are priced at $2.99 and they did have the $1 off coupons attached, so I only paid $1.99 a piece.

I love the presentation of these balm stains, they just really look like they cost a lot more than 2 bucks. Being a big fan of Wet N Wild and of Jumbo Lip Colours, I knew these would probably be pretty great. 

I did not like the pink at all as soon as i saw it, but I got it because it was the only pink and I knew a lot of you would be interested in this shade. It is a pretty color, but not one that looks good on my coloring, blue based pinks look gross on me and make my teeth even more yellow than they are. Still, I am sure it will look great on many of you.

These glide on super creamy and glossy with some shine and they are also very pigmented. When comparing them to the Jordana Twist & Shine Balms, I have to say these stain the lips even more, which is great because even after the shine and color wears off after a few hours, you will still have that great deep stain. Some people have claimed these are drying, but I did not feel they dried my lips at all. 

Rico Mauve is a great mauvy shade and these pics do it no justice at all. If you look at the swatch above, you can see how evenly it applies and how you get that full color with just a few swipes. I only had the yellow afternoon color of my room to work with for these pics, but you can get a good idea of each what they look like.

Lady and the Vamp is my favorite. A deep wine shade, not as deep as the packaging but still very nice, this color is sexy. :) I love it.

Red-dy or Not is my second favorite and a show stopper. This is a super bright shade that stays on for about 3 hours (wore it all after noon since I swatched it last) and it's super pretty. After the color wore off after many drinks and a few hours, I still had that nice red stain on my lips. 

A Stiff Pink (strange name if you ask me) is a blue based pink and the only pink that I saw in the collection. It looks almost florescent on me and truly does not suit me at all but I can see this looking great on other skin tones and def other hair colors. This makes me look old :(

The Wet N Wild site claims these have a minty-cooling sensation which I did NOT feel. One good thing is they have no scent, so those of you that can not handle the sweet scents, will enjoy these. The only real downfall I see is that lid that does lock closed but will open right back up. I can not see putting these in your bag for the day or even a pocket because they open on their own and will get ruined if you don't catch it. For the low price I still think these are worth purchasing, as long as you know the lid issue, and I am glad I got them for sure. Are they better than the Jordana Twist & Shines? HMMMMM??? The jury is out on that, I will have to try them all out a bit more before I can commit to an answer.

Have you tried these and if so, what are your thoughts?

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