Prep For The Big Game with DiGiorno #ad - Sammy Makes Six

Prep For The Big Game with DiGiorno #ad

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Football and DiGiorno are a perfect match. The Big Game is next weekend and you can bet that we are going to be in front of the tv watching and not in the kitchen cooking. Seriously, the last thing that I want to do during the biggest game of the year is cook anything that takes longer than 10 minutes. But eating yummy snacks and foods is one of the best parts of the day, so everything I prepare will have to be fast and easy. I am thinking: plenty of pizza, chicken wings, plus hot dogs and chips for the kiddos. My daughter is going to be taking care of the desserts to everyone's sweet tooth is also going to be covered. 

That is why we took a trip to Walmart to buy DiGiorno pizzas at the special roll back price of only $4.50. I always buy DiGiorno and it's usually a few more dollars more, that is why I took this opportunity to stock up on all of my families favorites. At this price I really was able to get a few of everyone's favorites. Adrian loves DiGiorno Rising Crust Three Meat, I love DiGiorno Rising Crust Supreme and Sammy always has to have DiGiorno Rising Crust 4 Cheese Pizza. 

Now that I stocked up on DiGiorno in all of our favorite varieties, I can relax knowing that my main dish for the game is covered. I love that I will be able to sit down with my boyfriend and actually watch the game instead of having to cook while everyone else watches. 

There is still plenty of time to head to Walmart and stock up on all of your DiGiorno favorites at this super roll back price. I grabbed enough to enjoy during the week too and I am about to throw another supreme in the oven right now. What can I say? I love me some DiGiorno supreme!

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Tonia Larson said...

You are right! They are the perfect match! #client