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NYC CityProof Twistable Intense Lip Color : The Rejects

A few weeks ago I found the NYC CityProof Twistable Intense Lip Colors and the Expert Last Lip Colors at RiteAid. This review is for 4 of the 8 colors that I purchased. These are the colors that I am passing off to someone else, and one is probably just being returned. I normally don't return makeup items but I have seen many people who say they do and might start doing it with colors or products that just don't work. All this time I have been keeping all those duds! Not anymore, I am going to get smarter about the money I spend.

What I liked about the NYC CityProof Twistable Intense Lip Color collection is the color range. There were 3 nude options and 3 reds and then a nice selection of others. Pricing on these is $2.99 and I did buy them at Buy One Get One 50% off. 

I picked out 8 to try out and these are the 4 that I will not be keeping. 

Nolita Neutral, Riverside Rose, Canal St Coral and Metropolitan Mauve.

I love twist-up chubby sticks, as you might already know. I have reviewed the Jordana and Wet N Wild Stains so far and I am not sure yet which I love most. Two things thing are different in this collection from  those other two: the pigmentation varies on each color and these are not stains. With those two other products, you get a nice stain on the lips after the color has worn off. That makes for very long wear time. This product is just a regular lipstick in a chubby stick form, with lighter colors being more sheer than the darker ones.

All of these have a cream finish, no glitter, which is good. You can see they have a nice sheen to them and they feel very moisturizing on the lips. 

Canal St Coral was one of the ones that I immediately wanted to try as soon as I saw it. I love coral lipsticks and was hoping this would be really pigmented. On my arm swatch you can see the color very well, but it's not as bright as the tube on my lips. It's more of a sheer color and didn't show up as a true coral. This might have had to do with the fact that my lips were very stained since it was the last color I had swatched that day. Still since I already have the color lipstick (Coralista) that came in the other collection, I decided to pass on this sheerer one. I will be reviewing that one very soon and I can tell you now that is super pigmented.

Nilota Neutral is one of three nude shades if I am not mistaken. China grabbed this because she is always looking for a great nude shade. But this is so NOT it. She is darker than I am so if it looked awful on me, it looks worse on her, almost white on her lips. My lighting above was also really bad, but you can tell it would be awful even if it was better. I am def passing this color off to someone else. 

Metropolitan Mauve is a beautiful baby pink, lavender shade, so perfect for Spring. On my arm swatch you can see just what a gorgeous color it really is. It just does not look good on my coloring. But this will look so pretty on darker and lighter skin tones. 

Riverside Rose is a bit sheer but very pretty and natural color. This is basically your lips but better and I would keep it if I thought I would wear it. But I like really bright colors and this is so natural that I am going to have to pass on it.

So these are the rejects from the 8 that I picked out. I will be back soon with the keepers, which I am totally in love with. At the end of the day, even though I didn't care too much for some of these colors, I find that they are such a super value for the money. If you have been waiting to try them, I definitely suggest you do. And just because these colors did not suit me, it doesn't mean they won't suit you. I hope the swatches can help you decide which to pick.

Have you tired these chubby lip colors yet, and if so which is your fave?

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