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Moving and life in

The end of last year ended on a very sour note. One of the worst things that could have ever happened, did. Suffice to say that even though we had a great Christmas, only two days later it was ruined and new years eve ended up being a wash as well. Who can or wants to celebrate when the world has basically almost come to an end? Not us. Still, life goes on and we banded together and have been trying to move forward with as much positivity as we can, which is practically none. 

One of the things that we've had to do was move. Half of us had to pick up and move as quickly as possible. While it seemed that luck was with us because we found a really decent place only half a block away from our house, it hasn't turned out to be so lucky. Of course not! How stupid were we to think it would be so easy? This place is very nice and even though the cost of maintaining two households is going to weight heavily on our budget, there are some pluses to be had. We can finally have  a little more privacy, we can start from scratch and decorate this place to suit us. We live close enough that we can see my mom, who stayed at the other house, but won't be woken up by her in the kitchen every morning at 5AM. I hope this also means that I will be able to have some more peace and comfort for work. At the old place with so many people there and my mom always in the kitchen, it was virtually impossible to get any work done in peace. So even though we hadn't planned on moving, once we knew it had to be done, we began to look at all the silver linings and tried to look at the good aspects of it.

And then this is where the sucks part comes in. We paid our deposit and moved in on the arranged date, to a town home that was totally ready for move in. Sure...! Two days after moving all the problems began. No electricity in half the home, a leak from the bathtub into the garage that gets bigger every day. Later we found the toilet tank had been emptying and refilling 24 hours a day because it also has a leak. We have now been in the house two weeks and don't have a working fridge because the electric on that part of the house is off. We have to keep the water to the toilet off because of the leak and though we are showering, I keep thinking that any minute I will fall with the tub into the garage.

I hate moving. I especially hate moving to a place that has an owner who is supposedly working on fixing all these problems and still hasn't done it. I hate life. Really right now I do. I am trying to stay positive but I can't when everything is just going so wrong. To top all this wonderful stuff off, two nights ago my laptop crashed, taking years and years of pictures with it. I know I should have backed those up, but I didn't. And now I am sitting here working on my old Toshiba from over 5 years ago. It's so slow and ancient that I know I can only do this for a few days before I have to go buy one, which is YET another cost we were not expecting. Need I say more?

Life sucks.

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