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Arroz Con Leche to Celebrate Three Kings Day

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Three Kings Day (Reyes Magos) is celebrated on January 6th and it marks the official end of the holiday season. In Mexico a lot of people give their children gifts on this day rather than December 24th, so it is a very special day for children. At my house we celebrate Christmas the traditional way and on January 6th, we just like to enjoy some delicious Rosca de Reyes with cafe con leche or hot chocolate. Another dish we love to make to accompany the Rosca de Reyes is Arroz con Leche. A big bowl of arrozito con leche and a slice of Rosca de Reyes, is the perfect breakfast or dinner for this January 6th. 

Makes 4 Servings (4 Porciones) 
Ingredients (Ingredientes) 

2 cups of white rice (2 tazas de arroz)
1 up of sugar (taza de azúcar)
4 cups of milk (4 tazas de leche)
2 cups of water (2 tazas de agua)
1 cinnamon stick (1 palito de canela)
Garnish (Para Decorar)
canela en polvo

Put rice and water to cook. (Ponga a cocer el arroz con el agua.)
When rice is almost cooked, add milk, sugar and cinnamon stick. (Cuando ya está casi cocido, se le agrega la leche, el azúcar y el palito de canela.)
Let boil until rice cooks the rest of the way. (Deje hervir hasta que esté bien cocido.)
Serve hot and add garnish. (Al servir, espolvoree la canela molida)

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What will you be cooking up and enjoying for Three Kings Day?

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