Are You Taking Care Of Your Elder Parents? Find Out More About Medicare Part D and Walgreens #WalgreensLatino - Sammy Makes Six

Are You Taking Care Of Your Elder Parents? Find Out More About Medicare Part D and Walgreens #WalgreensLatino

This is part of a sponsored collaboration with Latina Mom Bloggers and Walgreens.  However, all opinions expressed are my own.

Mi mama is going to be 77 this year and luckily her health has been much better than it usually is. A big part of keeping my mom healthy, even after 4 strokes, is making sure she sees the doctor regularly and that she has all 9 of her medications every month. Nine meds is a lot isn't it? Son muchos medicamentos!  I really feel for my mom having to take so many different prescriptions. But these are the medications that have allowed her to live a semi-normal life after so many strokes and times in the hospital. That is why we are so careful about choosing the right Medicare Part D plan for her. Because of her illnesses, her medications cost hundreds of dollars and there is no way we would be able to shoulder these costs without her coverage. 

Anyone who has Medicare A or B is now entitled to Medicare part D, which is the drug coverage portion of Medicare. It is important to note that only citizens of the United States and legal residents over the age of 65 are eligible. Because of the increased cost of medications and changes in healthcare, making the right choice for drug coverage, is very important. Let's help our mama, tia, abuelita and all our other elders make the right choice, so they can concentrate on living una vida mas sana y alegre

Walgreens Med-D ELDER is here to offer a plan that can really make a difference when it comes to cost, convenience and resources. With this plan your elders can refill prescriptions online, get refill reminders, track immunizations & more! Very importantly, they can also SAVE money with copays as low as $0 on select plans. If they have medication questions, Walgreens offers an expert advisor 24/7 with Pharmacy Chat and don't forget that there is usually a Spanish speaking pharamacy rep in store too. Our local pharmacy has one girl that always helps my mom when she goes in for her meds, and because she can do it on her own, my mom feels more independent. 

To make it easier to get their prescriptions filled on time, Walgreens helps your elders stay on track via refill reminders & automatic prescription refills. Med-D can also help your elderly parents pay for prescription drugs. Learn more about Med-D with Walgreens.

Do your elders have Medicare Part D? Educate yourself about the Walgreens plan and help them make the switch. See the entire brochure with all the info here.


I hope you can join me and Latina Mom Bloggers for the “What’s Med D? Twitter Party” on 2/5 from 9-10 pm ET to learn about prescription coverage options. Let's get together and chat about our elders coverage and medication needs. RSVP at this link and I will see you there!


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