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What Does Being a “Familia de Hoy” Mean To You? #LaFamiliaDeHoy

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Today's families are so different from before, and what a wonderful thing it is! I love seeing today's modern families and how diverse they are. That is what my family is exactly. We are a modern family with a little bit of everywhere and everything. My daughters are Mexican, Asian, Guamanian and Irish. I have a grandson who looks so Asian that no one believes he is ours, and another grandson who is African American, and looks nothing like the rest of us. When we get together at my house and you see these little children talking to an abuelita that only speaks Spanish, and you see all the kids together, that is a real family. This is what I think makes a Familia de Hoy, a family that doesn't care what your race is or what you look like, or even your gender. Family does not have to mean a mom and dad or a male and a female. Sometimes family doesn't even come with blood ties. We all have friends that integrate themselves into our lives in such a way, that they can become even more significant in your life than actual relatives.  


On that note, Johnson & Johnson and Univision are having a campaign to choose the “familia de hoy,” a modern family that represents Hispanics and will share the passions and dynamics of their daily lives. There are 3 families in the running to choose from and you are able to vote for the one that you really think represents la familia de hoy. I immediately identified with la Familia Lopez. I like that they lead an active lifestyle with their kids and that they love having traditional breakfasts with the abuelitos. 

Visit “La Familia de Hoy” voting site and place your vote today. You can vote daily! The winning family will be announced during Sabado Gigante on December 21st.

Lopez Family Picture

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Date: Thursday, December 5th
Time: 5 p.m. PT / 8 p.m. ET
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What does being a “Familia de Hoy” mean to you?


Jessica said...

this is very sweet of you..

hey! so i told you about ur comment section a while back then never commented lol sorry about that.. but at least i can comment now!

Yumna Patricia said...

Lo mas importante en la familia, es la union,el amor y el respeto.