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The Perfect Gift For the Ultimate Music Lover

Christmas is less than two weeks away and today as part of the #PocketBoom Social Bias sponsored campaign, I am sharing what I am giving Jack my music and techie freak for navidad!

Let me introduce you to the Pocket Speaker by Carbon Audio, which you can find exclusively at Apple stores. I don't know if you've noticed or maybe your kids are still little, but as my kids got older it became harder and harder to find them gifts that they would love, and now that technology has arrived it is also more expensive. I remember how easy it was for me when all my girls were little and all I had to do was go buy the newest toys and cute clothes. Then they started growing up on me and I suddenly found myself unable to purchase clothes for them, because I wasn't cool enough to know what was in style! Then at some point in their teens, gift cards became the only viable option that was safe enough to give these girls, but I have always hated that. It seems so impersonal and it takes all of the fun away from shopping.

So for the past two months I had been racking my brain trying to come up with a good gift for Jack. I got her sisters out of the way during Black Friday sales and she is the only one I still had nothing for. Jacks numero uno love is music and I have already gotten her and iPod and then she got herself the newer generation, so that was out of the question. I also know she wanted some fancy headphones but those were above and beyond the budget set out for each of them. When I was contacted about the opportunity to purchase her a Pocket Speaker by Carbon Audio, I could hear the bells ringing off in my head! What a perfect gift for the true music lover, we headed right off to the Apple store in the Temecula Promenade to check out the different colors and find the perfect one for her.

The Apple store had 5 colors to pick from, I believe there is also a black and white but it was not in stock. I loved the green and would have picked that had it for me, but for Jack Black, black had to be it! Here's Adrian smiling at me and letting me know he might want one for his iPhone 5 as well. Get in line buddy!

The Pocket Speaker has a great design, with double sided speakers and 360 degree sound. It is extra small so that it can fit into a purse, a clutch and even a pants or jacket pocket. This is exactly how we all carry our cell phones so it makes perfect sense to have a speaker that is small enough to do the same. It's also a really cool looking little device that will please even the pickiest of people. Jack loved it and had it playing music faster than I unpacked the car that night when we got home with it. I have to say that the Pocket Speaker compliments her very well and it's totally her style. 

 Though the size is extra small, the sound on the pocket speaker is extra loud. I have an IG video giving a small sample of the amazing sound. When we read that you can pair two speakers to one device to get a complete surround sound, we realized we will have to put another one on the list for Santa.

In a family of music lovers, the Pocket Speaker is loved by all. One minute Jack will be listening to her indie music and the next Sammy is listening to the Teen Beach movie soundtrack. It's such a small device that even she can stick it in her pocket and take it outside to enjoy some music before starting her homework.

For this year I am happy to say that I have found the perfect gifts for all of my children, including my hardest to shop for. The Pocket Speaker came to the rescue and has impressed us all so much we would each like our own. Hope Santa is reading this post! 


Betzy Carmona said...

This is totally cool :)

maye said...

Muy bueno la tecnología cada díaas innovadora !!

Yumna Patricia said...

No conocia este aparato, cada vez sacan mas cosas.

Thien-Kim aka Kim said...

I hope Santa brings you one! Looks like everyone is in love with the speaker. #client