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The Affordable Gaming System Direct To Your TV : flarePlay

This is a sponsored post on behalf of flarePlay. All opinions are my own and I really love this service for the value it represents to a family full of game lovers.

Our kids are pretty big gamers. When they first began playing games we purchased an XBOX, but aside from that expense, it was so expensive to buy game after game for the system. Kids get bored pretty easily, and a game (no matter how good), will only keep their attention for so long. That is why we began to buy them their first tablets, which is also expensive, but at least that way they could play many different games and mos of them are priced under $10. But you have to admit that the gaming experience is not quite the same as when you are holding a controller in your hand and the kids still try talking me into buying more games for the system. When I heard about flarePlay, I was very interested to have them try it out. I am a huge fan of Netflix and have been a subscriber for years because of the value, now imagine a Netflix for video games and you have the flarePlay system. 

The flarePlay gameBundle and subscription service are really a great value. flarePlay delivers video games to your TV instantly and you can even travel with it with almost no fuss. There are 100+ games in the current catalog, with new games added monthly. We have been using it for a little over a week and so far I don't see how the kids will get bored with the selection anytime soon.

Set Up: Start playing games in less than 10 minutes!

The flarePlay gamePak comes with everything you need to get started. You even get a console holder that attaches to the back of your tv. Then you simply connect both of the ports and log into your wi-fi followed by the farePlay site. Then I typed in our username an password and we were set to go. 

One of the games Angel zeroes in on immediately was Assasin's Creed II. 

It wasn't long before he got his turn to play and how excited he was!

flarePlay is only available in California at the moment, but keep an eye on it because I am sure that it won't take long to be available in other states. To take advantage of this amazing flarePlay exclusive offer, visit the link below before December 31st! 


Pay $30 for 3 months of flarePlay service, and get a free microconsole (valued at $99)

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I think flarePlay makes a great gift for the entire family. The selection of games includes something everyone will enjoy. For $9.99 per month after the initial offer, it is super cheap to have so many games at your fingertips. We are def keeping ours after the three month period. Check out the exclusive deal in these next few days, remember it expires on the 31st!

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