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Jordana Blush in Blushing Rose First Impressions

As you know, I love to share affordable beauty brands. Jordana has recently been a big winner in my book, especially after trying the Jordana Twist & Shine Glosses. I can't rave enough about those. But because Walgreens doesn't carry the entire Jordana line I have been seeking out their blushes at Kmart. I rarely get to a Kmart but recently I have been in three, including the one across from The Grove and let me tell you how hard it is to find any Jordana blushes. At each store I have found only 2 or 3 and most times those have been touched. I am really interested in Redwood, Terra Cota and a coral shade, I can't remember the name. But this is the only one I ever find, so I finally grabbed it. Though it's a bit silly to do a first impressions of one, blush. It's all I can get! So here we

This blush cost $2.49 and I really wanted to try it because you hear so much about them on You Tube. In fact right after I placed my NYX order, I saw a video of a comparison of the NYX Cream Blushes to these, and saying these were far better. For $2.49, I had to see for myself. 

The packaging on these blushes is clean if not very pretty. But it's also not ugly. The screw top lid is the reason though, why so many get tested at the store. They really need to add some sort of shrink wrap on them so people can stop ruining them all. You get 2.2 grams of product for $2.50, which is superb.

Blushing Rose is a very pretty rose pink. It was when I reached in to swatch it that I understood exactly what everyone means when they say the texture is incredible. They are so soft and you immediately get a lot of color just with one swipe of your finger. 

My arm was tinted with the Wet N Wild blushes I had swatched so I did this on Adrian's arm, which was kind of bumpy. Look how much color you get with just two little swipes. This will really be fun to try out. I tend to be a "more is more" type of gal and that means that when I wear blush, I wear blush. 

The lack of a mirror or fancy packaging is obviously what keeps these blushes so affordable because it's not bad quality. From just swatching I am highly impressed and looking forward to wearing this. Now I really need to find the rest of the colors! I might just have to break down and order directly from their site.

Have you tried Jordana blushes? If so which color do you recommend?


Betzy Carmona said...

They are so pigmented

Yumna Patricia said...

Estan muy lindos los tonos, prefiero uno que no sea de tono tan subido.