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Follow Your Dreams - Be Your Own Boss #SomosAmway

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I've worked from the first moment that I was able to, at the age of 14. First it was under the table for some little hotel that needed a cleaning person and then my first official job as a child care assistant at a girls club in Carlsbad. I worked while I was pregnant with all of my girls, with two of them I worked until they day before they were born. I never minded at all working for someone else. I might have had these little dreams of working for myself one day, but especially when you are young, those dreams seems so hard to achieve that you being to forget about them. Then suddenly 20 odd years bass by and you realize that all that time, you have been working to make someone else money while you scrape by. I'm not going to complain though, some of my latter working years, I did pretty well. But not as well as the owner of the company did, which was my sister. So there you go, a lesson learned. It is better to work for yourself if possible, and now I am actually doing it!

I know of the Amway company because it has been around forever. I think my older sister sold Amway when my oldest was little. I have also known many others who have started Amway businesses and stuck with them for years, while I know of others who just love the products. I think if you are looking to start a your own business and be your own boss, you should definitely find out more about Amway. 

To be truthful, starting your own business and going off on your own is not for the faint of heart. It requires a lot of blood, sweat and muchos tears too. It can be stressful and downright scary, but it is also exciting and so rewarding. You don't know how many times I wanted to walk out of a job because I was so fed up with something or another. Well ya no mas, now I can't walk away, because my boss is super cool. Just kidding! Now I don't want to walk away, I just want to work hard because there is so much potential and I can't wait to reach all those dreams I have for myself. 

Are you ready to take the reigns and become your own boss?

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Janey said...

I took a look at some of the products Amway offers, and I like. Starting a business would change my life for the better. I also worked throughout my pregnancy until I was scheduled to give birth and went back to work a little less than 2 months after having my baby. The restaturant that I worked for was small and family owned (not my family) I was assistant manager, so my opinions and ideas were heard when talking about the business, but since I wasn't the owner I couldn't make any drastic changes. I've always had that entrepreneur spirit in me, owning a restaurant was once of them, but I realized its tough unless you have a good plan. I've cleaned houses with my mom since I was 13 maybe younger...and it hit me a few weeks ago, I should try and make this a business with my mom. It would give me an opportunity I want to be able to spend time with my family and kids, attend school meetings, volunteer. There's just so many good things in starting your own business, as a mom having that time to spend with your kids is a big pro.

kellyr78 said...

Starting a business would provide extra income while allowing my schedule to be flexible