Essence XXXL Shine First Impressions and Swatches #Ulta #UltaCosmetics #Haul - Sammy Makes Six

Essence XXXL Shine First Impressions and Swatches #Ulta #UltaCosmetics #Haul

Last week I got the opportunity to finally visit an Ulta. No I don't live under a rock, there just are none in my area but the Lakewood mall that I visit a lot just opened one up. I was super stoked to see this store in person, finally! I have to say immediately that the staff and the one lady that greeted us and helped us out was super friendly. I find that can be really rare lately. So we walked in, the store was super clean and very friendly girls. I told myself there would be no big spending and only looked at the NYX stuff, even though they had a Buy One Get One 50% off sale. But I knew Cyber Monday was coming and that they would have a good sale so instead I grabbed some of the 5 for $5 stocking stuffers and headed to the Essence cosmetics. I have heard a lot about this affordable line of cosmetics and wanted to check it out. 

I wanted to grab so many things, just to review them on here but I stuck to my guns. Since they were having a Buy One Get One 50% off on all lip items, I just grabbed some of the glosses. I've heard Ulta has a lot of sales like this, so next time I go I will grab some other things. But I was happy to find this sale and I grabbed the four colors that stood out to me most. Oh did I tell you? These XXXL Shine Glosses cost $2.49! And I got the second two for half off, how crazy is that?

Isn't this really pretty? Bubble Babe is the first one that caught my eye. The low lights of the store just made the bottle shine like little diamonds. I don't wear sparkly lips ever but I thought this might work a little like ELF's Pout Perfector. Either way it was too pretty not to buy and even if I don't ever wear it, Sammy will LOVE it! You know in the end, all the glosses I am buying, will be hers.

The Bright Side of Life is very happy melony color that is very pretty. I am a huge fan of corals and melons . I haven't actually had a chance to try any but one so I can't say how it wears or anything, yet.

Red Blossom was a given. I love red and was hoping that all of these wouldn't be too sheer. I did wear this on Friday and it's buildable and extremely shiny. You have to add a lot to get a real red shade, but it does look really nice on. They also smell really good, kind of like a cupcake.

Just Georgeous (spelled it wrong below) is a bubble gum pink. It seems to have more pigment that Bright Side of Life and is so pretty I can't wait to try it.


no flash

decent applicator

No one will ever accuse me of not having big clear, or enough photos. One of my biggest pet peeves is going to a blog when I am trying to find out if I want to purchase an item, to see a review, and find that their pictures are bad or that they use stock photos. Stock photos is a bad word in my vocab, so is badly lit photos. 

They are beautiful. For the presentation alone, I would repurchase these. I love pretty things. This price can not be beat. I can't wait to go back to Ulta and grab some other Essence items. 

And here are the swatches so you can see for yourself. I will try to get some lip swatches done, if I can. I have a ton of stuff to review and might not be able to. But this gives you a good idea of what to expect.

So far, I really like these a lot! Have you tried these or any Essence Cosmetics?

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Yumna Patricia said...

Me encantan todos los tonos de los brillos, son colores muy suaves.