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#CyberMonday Essence Ulta Haul (In Store) plus Swatches

On Cyber Monday I only made two purchases, and even though I had promised myself no more makeup, both were for makeup. I placed a NYX order from their 40% off Cyber Monday sale and I had Adrian go into Ulta for me to grab some Essence products to take advantage of a $5 of a $15 purchase coupon I found online. I had meant to go with him all along to LA, but had so much work I could not go. Good thing my boyfriend is such a good guy, he went into Ulta and via Facetime we decided which items to get. Even with a grainy connection we still managed to do pretty well in the color choices. I spent $15.45 or something like that with the coupon. Nothing was over $1.77, which is super affordable right? 

I am finding that this line, which is geared towards pre-teens and teens, is really cute and some of the stuff is pretty great considering the prices. I tried to swatch as best as I could even though it was evening, I hope you enjoy this post and that it helps you in case you are interested in trying any Essence items out.

Life's a Cherry and Adorable

Life's a Cherry is such a pretty color. It has tiny bits of sparkle in there which might not be everyones cup of tea but I really like it. I was disappointed with Adorable as soon as I saw it in person because it's so light. Being medium skin tone, this shade does not look good on me. I think there is only four shades total to begin with so not much selection but I was happy with how easy it was to get product on my fingers and how silky they feel. The really got the name right on this product because it's so soft. Regular price on these is $2.99.

Ultimate Pink and Off To Miami

Had to use three coats which wasn't that great but the end effect is nice and bright. What I noticed last night and all day today is that this formula is super glossy. It looks as if I had added a top coat. Another positive is that they have the wider brush that Wet N Wild polishes have, which makes application easy and fast. Regular price for these is $1.99. Would I buy them again? Sure, I def want the red one, at this price and with a coupon, why not?

The unexpected stars of the show. Well, on Youtube people rave about them but they kind of look cheapie so I wasn't expecting too much. But was I surprised. The colors were each so beautiful and they just seem so soft and moisturizing. I would just say don't throw them in a bag because they seem like the lids will fall off super easy. 
These are priced at $2.99.

Glow Neon Glow, I laughed when I saw this, it's see through and looks like a play Barbie lipstick. When Sammy saw this she just about died and of course I had to give it to her. This is just clear but so adorable.

Sparkling Miracle has tiny bits of glitter and is a darker plum/purple than you see here. 

All About Cupcake is a gorgeous nude pink. So pretty and the only one with no sparkles or glitter. I love this color but China took it along with Sparkling Miracle so I will have to buy another. 

RockinRed is beautiful and more sheer than opaque. It does let you build it up a bit and looks really nice, I will swatch this tomorrow on my lips on IG.

Though the packaging could be better I really like these and will probably get a few more. I am definitely going to get myself an All About Cupcake.

Stay Matt Lip Cream in Silky Red and Stay With Me Long-Lasting Lip Gloss in Choose Me. I a missing swatches for these because I meant to do them today. I will post some tomorrow on IG and then add them here. Both of these products cost $2.99 and already I can say I like them both but wish Choose Me had more pigment, those glosses tend to be very sheer and I prefer a lot of pigment.

Overall pretty great stuff and for the prices I paid, a steal! If there is anything in particular from this line you would like me to swatch for you, let me know! 


Betzy Carmona said...

I have tried their polishes and they are great for a one day occasion ! They chp within the same day or so on me. However their lippies look good :)

Yumna Patricia said...

Los colores estan muy lindos, me gustan todos.

Yumna Patricia said...

Se ven muy bonitos los dos tonos de los esmaltes en las unas. Me gusta mucho.