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A Delicious Holiday Breakfast, Snack or Dinner! Cereal Caliente con Berries!

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Nothing says holidays like a nice warm breakfast surrounded by all your loves ones. My girls have been here with their kids for a week now and it really feels like a mad house, but at the same time it is fantastic. Yesterday it rained all day and we wanted something warm and yummy for a snack, we logged into the Toma Leche site to look for just the right recipe. Warm oatmeal with brown sugar and berries sounded absolutely perfect, and what was super convenient about this recipe is that it is microwavable. How perfect was that? A recipe we could quickly prep in the microwave for a lazy, rainy day in. You might have seen the video I posted on IG  last night when we made it.

My favorite thing about all the recipes you can find at the Toma Leche site is how easy most of them are to make. I am not a great cook, which does not fit the traditional mold of a Mexican female, but what can I say? I prefer my recipes simple and fast. This recipe for Cereal Caliente con Berries (Warm Oatmeal with Berries) is right up my alley.

Para 4 porciones / For 4 portions

•  1 1/4 tazas de avena tradicional     / 1 1/4 cups of oatmeal
•  2 tazas de leche descremada        / 2 cups of milk
•  2 cucharadas de azúcar morena   / 2 cups brown sugar
•  1 cucharadita de canela molida    / 1 tsp cinnamon
•  1 puñito de frutos del bosque  / 1 cup berries for topping
Directions: Put all ingredients except the berries into a microwave safe bowl and heat for 3 minutes. 
Serve hot and top with fresh berries.

If you prefer to cook on a stove top the instructions should be the same, besides the cook time. I can see this being a great meal on a camp day too. I found raspberries on sale at Target but any berries, nuts and raisins all make this an even more delicious treat. I also let everyone add more sugar, because we like our oatmeal really sweet!

For many more milk based recipes, please visit Toma Leche online. You can also follow Toma Leche on Facebook, where you can see many more yummy treats. And don't forget to download your $1 off 2 gallons of milk coupon!

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On Christmas morning I plan on putting a big bowl of this on while the kids get up to open presents. Warm oatmeal, hot chocolate and some butter cookies, will be the perfect start to one of the best days of the year. What will you be enjoying on Christmas day with your family?

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Yumna Patricia said...

A mi no me gustan los cereales, a mi esposo si le encanta de esta forma, es una delicia para el. Se ve muy rico, gracias por la receta, se la voy a preparar a mi esposo.