Toms in Earthwise Green Women's Vegan Classics @Toms #TomsShoes #OneForOne - Sammy Makes Six

Toms in Earthwise Green Women's Vegan Classics @Toms #TomsShoes #OneForOne

Way, way back in May, Jackie purchased this pair of Toms for me for Mother's Day in Nordstrom. I hadn't gotten around to doing a review and I wasn't really planning on doing one so late it in the game, but this week, when I went to order myself a new pair I had a really hard time figuring out which color to order. I was just in Nordstrom last weekend to purchase Julius his first pair of Toms, but I didn't get a chance to check out the adult Toms.  I really wanted to order online so I could use a coupon code I had, to save a few bucks which is always nice. I would have loved to order Julius's online as well with the promo code but we needed to try the shoes on him and get the correct size since he's a baby. picture

This is the first time I place an order online, which is kind of cool because stores carry such limited selection, I now had so many to chose from but it's hard figuring out the shoes colors based on the stock photos they have. I looked everywhere online for pictures of my favorites, and didn't really find any. That is why I decided to go ahead and review my shoes even though I have had them for a while here.

A little bit of info on this shoe. This is a Toms Classic but it's priced a little bit more than those because it is part of the Earthwise Collection. The regular classics are $48 and this collection is $54. Most of the classics are now this price I noticed, it's just a tiny handful that are still only $48 and when my boyfriend bought me my first pair last year they were $44, so they have definitely gone up a bit. 

The Earthwise Classics Collection is made of recycled, vegan and sustainable materials to take it easy on the planet, while giving children the new shoes they need.

TOMS Earthwise Sustainable: We designate shoes as Earthwise or Sustainable when they integrate materials whose growth, recycle and/or manufacture provides a gentler environmental footprint. These materials include organic cotton, recycled PET (from plastic bottles), hemp and blends of these materials.

One thing I have noticed between this pair and my red and black is that the sole seems to be a bit thicker. I know when I wear this pair I immediately feel just a little bit taller. And they are SO comfortable! This is my third pair of Toms and from the very first day you wear them, they will be comfy. Believe me, I wore some knock off''s the other day when we went shopping, and I came home bleeding from my heels. Never again! I don't even know why I bought those, but all day my feet pinched and I am still healing from just a few hours in a knock-off Toms.

I have worn these quite a lot and you can see how they are shaped to my feet. The longest I have worn them was 9 hours on Saturday, and they are holding up nicely. The hardest part is not letting people step on them. I hate people who step on your feet and it seems to happen to me everytime I have my Toms. Not to mention that Sammy steps on me all day, so they are pretty clean even after all that.

I love this shade of green and I love how these stand out just as much as my red toms. I just love bright colors. Have I mentioned I ordered the Coral? So soon I will have a review of those up and I am hoping they are just as bright and beautiful as these. 

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I do want to share the coupon I found online when I placed my order last week. I ended up paying $49.95 with tax included which is almost 10 dollars less than this green pair cost us in May. If you have been wanting a pair of Toms, this is really good coupon to use!

Picture with flash.

Why I love TOMS.

I love the many colors of Toms, I love the super comfy design. I look for comfort in my clothes and shoes. I love being able to have different colors so I can pick a pair depending on my mood and clothes for the day. I am looking and have a pair of the Booties in mind to purchase next, but not quite ready to make the jump, and they are almost $100! But we'll see. I do need a more dress-up pair of Toms so I will most likely order them very soon. 

Black Canvas

Most of all I love Toms because of the One for One aspect. Every time you purchase a pair of Toms, a pair of shoes is given to a needy child somewhere in the world. If you've never seen the videos, you really should. Those children are the main reason I love my Toms and I will purchase Toms for as long as their mission stays the same.

Black Canvas

I hope this review with all these pics helps someone out when they are looking for actual pictures. I can't wait for my new Coral pair to get here!!

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Betzy Carmona said...

I haven't had a pair of toms in so long, but they are so comfy