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#StockingStuffer : E.L.F. 3 Piece Glossy Lip Set Swatches

I officially begun my holiday shopping last Friday and now can't stop thinking of gift ideas and of course stocking stuffers. We went shopping on Saturday and one of our stops was Target, which carries E.L.F. brand products. They had a nice little set up of all the holiday sets and I immediately gravitated to this lip gloss set. It's so strange because I don't necessarily like gloss, in fact I much prefer a matte lip. But I have always had a lip gloss buying fetish. I used to have massive Lancome Juicy Tube collection before and I never knew why because I would only use them once or twice and either lose them or give them away. I think what I love is the presentation, I love how cute glosses look. And this E.L.F. gloss set was no exception, the cute holiday box got me and I purchased it for the little girls I guess. But this is a great stocking stuffer idea and it really is such adorable packaging. If you know a lip gloss fan or an E.L.F. lover, this would be a really affordable treat for them.

For $3 you get this adorable box and what is strange is that this is not the same set as you can find on the E.L.F. website, but maybe they have different collections for different stores. These are the colors in this particular set:

Peachtastic, Midnight Kiss and Party Pink

As I was posting the pictures I realized Peachtastic looks a little damaged and half empty. Quality control I guess. 

All three shades have glitter and they are really pretty. Though I did realize they would be more sheer than anything else. 

I really like Midnight Kiss and Party Pink.

As predicted there is not much color payoff. Once they are actually on the lips the color sheers out even more than on the swatches but I do like how it feels on. It's very thick and not sticky and seems to have nice staying power. I put on a nice thick coat and 6 hours and two cups of coffee later I still have some on.

Overall this is a great set of really shiny glosses. The E.L.F. quality is usually pretty spot on and this is something that even I as a non-fan of gloss can appreciate. The price is absolutely perfect too, you can't go wrong for a buck each you know? The Juicy Tubes I used to love are about $18 each, so these are super cheap in comparison and I would definitely buy more just to keep on hand for any lip stains or drying matte lips colors I might need to add some shine to.

Are you a gloss lover or do you prefer a matte lip?

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Betzy Carmona said...

I saw the section but didn't pick anything up surprisingly