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Rimmel London Show Off Lip Laquer #Swatches Apocalyptic, Stellar & Big Bang

I've been buying so much makeup lately that I hadn't had time to really try these Rimmel London Show Off Lip Laquers. Being a lover of red, I can't believe I have had Big Bang for weeks now and hadn't even swatched it! Now that I tried them all, I am going to be getting more of these because they are simply insane. 

 Rimmel London Show Off Lip Laquers are available in 13 shades and as far as I know are a Walgreens exclusive. Priced at $4.99 just like the Rimmel lipsticks, they are a good deal, but I have gotten the three I have for $4 a piece by taking advantage when they are on sale. I am a fan of big, bold, bright colors and these guys are amazingly pigmented. The color is so intense straight out of the container, no build up necessary. The only thing that bothers me is that they can get everywhere if you have crazy long hair like mine. The two times I wore Apocaliptic, I ended up with tons on my face because it was windy out. That's why I don't normally love gloss, but these are so great I am still in love with them. 

The three shades I have are probably the most intense and bright of the collection. Apocaliptic is a fuchsia pink that is just perfect, Stellar is a bright coral and the first one I purchased because when I saw it I was amazed at the color. I picked up Big Bang last and can't believe what an amazing shade of just perfect blood red it is. All three colors are amazing and if you love bright & bold lips, with a ton of shine, you need to try these asap!

I love the presentation of these laquers and they really remind me of a similar product Lancome had, I am not sure if they still carry it. I used to have a favorite hot color pink that I wore all the time, I can't remember the name but these wear very similar to that those and they are a fraction of the cost. 

natural light swatch

with flash

I am going to have to go back to Walgreens and carefully check out the other colors in this collection. I think there is a purple/plum color that might be nice. I definitely want to get some more now that I see how amazing the pigmentation is and how shiny the finish is. 

Have you tried these yet and if so what is your impression?

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Betzy Carmona said...

I have one of them & I love how pigmented they are