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Mark The Special Moments In Life With a Hallmark Card #HallmarkCardRewards

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Am I the only one that feels that in this age of technology, personal things like a handwritten letter, a greeting card and even a phone call have gone missing? Instead of picking up the phone, we send a text. Instead of sending a handwritten letter, we send an email. Greeting cards have been replaced with eCards, that can be personalized, but they are not real. You can't touch an eCard, you can't hold it and look at it and understand why that particular card was picked for you. You can't store this special card in a dusty box of old memories under your bed, to pull out when you are missing that person or feeling lonely. Greetings cards are important pieces of a puzzle that help hold on to a memory of a special day, a special moment or even that time you lost the guy you were in love with and your friends sent you a feel better card. 

One of the best parts about giving a greeting card is that there is such a variety, that you can really find that one perfect card for the person you are giving it to. You can find a funny card that makes you crack up when you read the inside, you can find a sad card that will make you cry and you can find the perfect hipster wedding card for that really hippy-chic girlfriend of yours who just married the man of her dreams. How perfect and cool is the Hallmark wedding card I found over the weekend? I couldn't have imagined a more perfect card for my friend, and there it was, waiting for me in the Hallmark isle. It was fate.


You know I love getting rewarded for my shopping, I really do. It makes shopping more fun right? With Hallmark Card Rewards, you get 1 reward for every 5 Hallmark cards you purchase at more than 30,000 grocery and drug stores across the U.S. With great rewards like; Starbucks cards, Applebee's, Nike and many others, it really pays to buy Hallmark. Keeping track of you rewards is now easier than ever, no more little card that the store I had to scan. I had one of those for years! This is where technology comes in, with the Hallmark Card Rewards app that you can download to your android or iPhone. You easily scan the bar code of the individual cards (rewards not available for boxed cards) you purchase, and everything will be tracked for you. Register today for Hallmark Card Rewards Don't miss all the rewards you can earn during the holiday season.

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Holidays, birthdays and special moments, they all deserve a Hallmark card. Who are you sending your next Hallmark card to?  

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Isabel Garcia said...

I just sent a "Thank You" Hallmark card yesterday to our newest giveaway winner! Hallmark cards brings smiles and joy to those who receive them. Love your post! :-)