Looking For The Perfect Thanksgiving Craft? Let Bing Smart Search Work For You! #ThisIsBing - Sammy Makes Six

Looking For The Perfect Thanksgiving Craft? Let Bing Smart Search Work For You! #ThisIsBing

 Thanks to Bing for sponsoring today's craft post. I have been using Bing Smart Search all weekend to do my online shopping and today I found a great craft Sammy and I could make in under an hour. 

I'ts been such a busy two months, especially now that the holidays are officially here. Between all the work I have and all the preparation that is going into planning the perfect holiday, I am finding it hard to spend that really important quality time with Sammy. One thing that has really made life a little bit easier has been Bing Smart Search, which is available when you upgrade your Windows device to Windows 8.1 or on any new Windows device. Bing Smart Search makes searching the web faster so you can get it all done that much quicker. I have been online for a few days now shopping, looking for coupon codes and planning my ever-growing shopping list. All this was made so much easier by Bing Smart Search and today I had some free time to spend with Sam before having to get back to work. 

We talked about how her teacher had made a Thankful jar at school and how each student had to make a note saying all the things they were thankful for. I really loved this idea, so we set out to search for a similar craft that we could make, using the items already in her craft box. We typed Thanksgiving kids crafts into the search bar, and Bing Smart Search set out to find them for us. I love how clear and large the web images came up and I was easily able to pick out a Turkey craft for inspiration.

What I love about searching online is just how much inspiration is out there. I knew we didn't have a jar or fancy ribbon because I haven't stocked that craft kit in months so we dug about and found things we could work with. 

I did the cutting for her and Sammy set about to putting this turkey together. Looking at him now I think he looks more like a reindeer...lol. 

The best part of this craft is letting kids sit down and right a note about what they are thankful for. My daughter is always making her dad and I notes, she is definitely a communicator, so this was right up her alley. 

She loved getting to fold her note and put it inside the Thankful Turkey. The other children will also be making their notes and we plan to read them on Thanksgiving day. I think this is a really nice way to get everyone thinking about how lucky we are and why we need to be a little more grateful.

Thanks to Bing Smart Search we found today's craft fast and easy. You don't even have to open a browser to get a search started, just start your search from the Start screen and let Bing find what you are looking for online or on your computer. We found an awesome craft and I have found a lot of holiday sales and discounts that are helpng me save a lot of money. What are you searching for? Put Bing Smart Search to work for you!


Nina Gonzalez said...

sooooooo cute!!! :) can't wait to make this one day with my little one!

Isabel Garcia said...

The Thankful Turkey craft project sure makes Thanksgiving extra special for the entire family. I love it! :-)

Frugal Mom and Wife said...

Great idea, I know what my daughter is doing tomorrow. ;)