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Do You Know the Facts About RSV? #RSVawareness

This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Latina Bloggers Connect and MedImmune. All opinions are my own. 

Bringing your baby home for the first time is one of the most special moments in life, but it is also one of the scariest. Today I am hoping to help bring awareness to all new parents about RSV ( Respiratory syncytial virus) and how it affects premature babies and young children. RSV is a seasonal virus that causes mild cold-like symptoms but can turn into a more serious infection. Premature babies are especially at risk of catching RSV due to their undeveloped lungs and weak immune systems. Severe RSV disease is the leading cause of infant hospitalizations with up to 400 infant deaths per year. These are very scary statistics.

We can be proactive and not only make people aware of RSV, we can also take steps to prevent it. Following these simple steps can help keep RSV at bay:

Making sure everyone keeps their hands washed
Keeping toys, bedding and clothing clean 
Staying away from sick people and crowded areas
No smoking near baby 
Disinfect high traffic areas in your home

Learning the basics and what to look out for is also important. The signs and symptoms of RSV are:

Persistent coughing or wheezing
Bluish color around mouth, fingernails or mouth
Rapid, difficult or gasping breaths
Fever [especially if it is over 100.4°F (rectal) in infants under 3 months of age] 

Most importantly we need to educate ourselves by talking to a physician and keeping abreast of news during this RSV season. Visit RSV Protection online for more information about RSV prevention and help us spread awareness. Let's keep our little people safe  and sound. 

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