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Celebrate the Holidays with ChocolatRouge

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Does this chocolate wine drink look amazing? If so keep reading below so 
I can tell you all about it!

Today I have a real treat to share with chocolate lovers over the age of 21. ChocolatRouge wine is here to make the holidays a whole lot merrier and a lot sweeter. ChocolatRouge is a blend of rich chocolate flavors and fine red wine that you can find in the wine isle of your local retailers. I had never heard of chocolate wine , and being a lover of all things chocolate I was super excited to got purchase a few bottles just in time for all the holiday parties.

This beautiful bottle of chocolate wine is a perfect partner for the holidays. It will make a great gift not just for the chocolate lovers in your life, but for anyone who loves a good bottle of wine. All this bottle needs is a sparkly holiday bow and it becomes a great hostess gift or a Secret Santa gift and it's perfect for bringing with you to holiday potlucks and get togethers.

I plan to serve ChocolatRouge at our family Christmas party. We all love sweets and getting to try a chocolate wine will be something that no one is expecting and I can't wait to see what everyone thinks about it. There are so many ways to enjoy ChocolatRouge that we will surely enjoy getting to try them all out. Today I am sharing a recipe that I have made now two days in a row. It is that good. You know that I love coffee, so when I saw this recipe I knew I had to try it.

Add 2 oz ( I added 4 oz, shhh!) of ChocolatRouge to your espresso or coffee. 
Sprinkle grated chocolate or cocoa powder for garnish.

I tweaked this a bit to make an iced coffee. Making this on my Keurig, I added ice to my cup and made fresh coffee. I sweetened it to my liking and added 4 oz of ChocolatRouge. Whipped cream and Abuelitas chocolate powder (grated) for garnish, made this the most delicious drink ever. Really, you have to try it!!

ChocolatRouge is also a great conversation starter. While purchasing my bottles today, I only saw two other similar products. It's safe to say that when you arrive with a bottle of ChocolatRouge, everyone is going to want a taste. How often do you see chocolate wine?

This holiday season ChocolatRouge is going to be a big part of the festivities. For gift-giving, for party going and as a special treat for myself, ChocolatRouge is going to be part of it all. Find ChocolatRouge in your area using the store locator on their site and keep an eye out for coupons which are supposed to be around these next weeks. The store I bought it at had it for $2 off so I would definitely look for some now, and stock up! Repeat after me, #Cheers2Chocolate!!

Have you tried ChocolatRouge or any chocolate wine? In what great ways would you incorporate this wonderful treat into your holidays?

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