An Update : Love & Coffee - Sammy Makes Six

An Update : Love & Coffee

I know there hasn't been any new content for more than a little while. The truth is that I was giving myself a tiny vacation. Well that was at first. October really kicked our butt, that means that we were incredibly busy with almost no downtime at all. By the end of the month I was so tired I wanted to check myself into a mental clinic, just to get some rest. 

So it began with a few days rest, where I got to catch up on a little bit of Bravo TV, and I read 2 books I had checked out over a month ago. And then as I was ready to come back from my 3 day vacation, the stomach flu decided to pay me a little visit. I hate the stomach flu, and it never fails that as soon as the kids are back in school, we all get it a few times. It's all those darn kiddie germs. Ugh, gross. So now I am trying to catch up. But even though it's only been a week, it's hard to get into the groove of things. Like I am not really sure where to start or how, it's like my rhythm is gone, so I need to find pronto because work is starting to pile up fast. I had though we were going to have a quieter month, but it's actually picking up fast.

 So here we go...any minute now. 

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Isabel Garcia said...

After a very busy month, I am glad you gave yourself some time off from blogging and do other activities that you enjoy, including relaxing. When you come back to blogging, you're more energized and ready to tackle more projects!