"You're My Best Friend" - Sammy Makes Six

"You're My Best Friend"

My daughter Jack actually took this picture today. It's one of those pictures that you look at for the longest time and realize how special it is. 

Today is Lene's birthday, she turned 6 years old. We walked up the street to have dinner and frozen yogurt before cutting her cake and opening her gifts. As they were walking in front of us, Jack and I talked about how similar and different they each are and how truly, they are each others best friends. Six and a half months apart, these two little girls have grown up almost like sisters. But one (Sam), is the aunt and the other the niece. Lene is the younger of the two but she is actually a little bit taller than Sammy and thinner, and they both have these really girly yet tomboy styles. We were watching them interacting together as they walked and we both commented how we are sure in 5-6 years we will be dropping them off at the mall and movies to hang out together. Hopefully that is how it goes, because really cousins and in this case aunts and nieces, really are your first best friends.

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