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Wet N Wild Megalast Polish In Rudy-dolph #beauty

I am having a love affair with Wet N Wild Megalast polishes. Why? Because they are so darn affordable, that you can virtually buy all the colors you like. These babies are $1.99 and that means that I can grab a few every time I go into Walgreens and not feel guilty. Another thing too, since the girls borrow my polishes, it does NOT pay for me to pay more than a few bucks for them. Last summer I stocked up on so many colors in better brands and right now I have just a few bottles left. Where do these bottles disappear to? Who knows! All I know is that I am not letting my new collection out of my room from now on and I am going to keep a very good eye on them, even if they are affordable, I still don't want to lose them. 

So on to the review, of a color I loved on sight. This is perfect for the holiday season and it is called Rudy-dolph which I read is the same as another Wet N Wild color sold at Dollar General called, Taking the Red-Eye. 

This is a beautiful ruby shade. It has the tiniest of red sparkles here and there but they are so small, they almost don't show up but they do add shimmer.

Bad indoor lighting. 

I was having such a hard time getting decent light so I decided to take it to the outdoors. 

Much better! I love this color and plan to wear it a lot in December. 

Wet N Wild Megalast polishes have the extra wide brush (sorry forgot to take pic) that make application fast and easy. For $1.99 it is a super inexpensive polish that lasts and does not chip in a day or two the way some other low priced polishes do. I have four other colors that I will be sharing with you in the next week. Stay tuned for those!

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Yumna Patricia said...

Me encantan los tonos rojos en los esmaltes, es mi color preferdo.