Tai Pei: Authentic Asian Style Entrees In Only 5 Minutos! + BUY ONE GET ONE FREE Coupon #TaiPeiFood - Sammy Makes Six

Tai Pei: Authentic Asian Style Entrees In Only 5 Minutos! + BUY ONE GET ONE FREE Coupon #TaiPeiFood

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My favorite food as anyone who knows me will tell you, is Chinese. I love Chinese food so much that usually have it twice a week if not more. But I can't always get to my favorite Chinese restaurant, especially if I am in the middle of a very long work day here at home. But that is okay, that just means that I have to take out one of my little boxes of Tai Pei single-serve frozen entrees. I buy these from Walmart and they used to be $1.99 and recently went up to $2.49 but that is still such a great value for a really good box of Chinese that I just have to pop in the microwave. This is the perfect meal for me when I just can't leave the house and need something quick but yummy. It's a also great as a midnight snack! Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night craving some orange chicken? This happens to me all the time and it is always Tai Pei to the rescue. I have three favorites that are always in my freezer: Sweet & Sour Chicken, Orange Chicken and my favorite of all General Tso's! I know they are all a little similar, but Orange Chicken has always been a favorite and with these three I get a nice variation of it.

Tai Pai entrees are available in 8 variations and contain around 300 calories per box. Super easy to make all you do is pop them in the microwave for 5 minutes. If you are a grown up, you can even take them out of the little container and serve them up a nice dish, I eat straight out of the box with some chopsticks. What I really enjoy about these meals is that they are really packed with veggies and they always come out really crisp. I also like that each box is the perfect portion and it is enough to fill me up and not over do it. 

Even though I don't think these are a bad meal at all at only 300 calories, some of you might be looking for something a little bit lighter. In that case, you will enjoy the new Tai Pei Asian Garden™ line. Tai Pei Asian Garden line is the only Asian brand that offers single-serve, better-for-you Asian entrées from the convenience of your grocer’s freezer. Check out all the entree selections here.


If you already know Tai Pei or would like to try it. Right now you can download a Buy One Get One Free Coupon (till quantities last). Grab this asap and get your free entree on your next visit to the grocery store. Online I found that you can also find these at Ralph's. You can always find out more about Tai Pei by visiting them online and don't forget to GRAB YOUR COUPON!

I love Tai Pei and how easy they make enjoying a nice Asian style meal quickly and even on-the-go. Tai Pei looks and feels like an authentic restaurant style entree and has “Good Fortune in Every Box.”

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