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Olay PRO X Advanced Cleaning System First Impressions #beauty

I was super excited to get this delivered yesterday from Target. I had been looking for it at Walmart and my local Target and after not finding it had to order it online. I was originally looking for the red box but when I saw this Limited Edition Pink box for only $24.99, I ordered this one instead. This set is only sold in stores, so if you are interested here is that link. This also came with a free Covergirl Jumbo Gloss Balm which retails for $6.99, so in the end the system really only came out to 18. I got free shipping because I placed an order over $50. Oh and Target also takes Paypal, which is convenient for me. and anyone else who gets paid that way.

Okay so on to the system, I needed this so badly. My skin is a horrible mess right now, my T zone is dry and flaky and I am hoping this will help me clear all that up. I did not and would not spend over $100 on a Mia Sonic, I know everyone raves about that but I have a limit as to how much I will spend on myself and that is way over. Instead I did a lot of research online and the Pro X has very favorable reviews. This is just a peek at the system and my first impressions. I will be sharing my results in a few weeks. 

oooh lala! I love new packages from the store! Especially when they are for moi!

Everything that was in the box, I like that it comes with good batteries. You also get a sample tube of the Olay Exfoliating Renewal Cleanser. Full sized this costs about $18 so I will most likely not be purchasing more of that. I have a ton of face washes that I really like already and that cost a lot less.

The design is pretty and simple, it's a nice fit in my hand and there are just two buttons. 
On/off and two speeds on the other. 

It's the perfect size.

The brush is very soft. This was my main concern. I have delicate skin, I think most women do and when I felt the bristles on my daughters Sigma brush, it felt so hard. I could not imagine scrubbing my face with that at all. But this one is nice and soft. Replacement heads are 2 for $9.99 which is not bad. It is suggested you replace the head every 3 months at least. 

Vroom! It has two speeds to pick from. This morning I started with low and went over my entire face a second time on high. 

And a closeup of the Covergirl Jumbo stick you get with this package. I have an obsession with lippies so I will totally swatch this later. 

Okay so I have used this system once and I liked how easy it was. After washing I did not have the flaking that I usually do. But it's too early to tell if there is any difference. In a few weeks I will come back and let you know how it's going and how much of a difference it has made, if any. In the meantime I am just excited to have it and hoping it really helps me get my skin back into shape!

Have you tried this cleansing system or a similar one? 

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Yumna Patricia said...

Me gustan mucho los productos de Olay, son los que uso. Me gustaria probar el -pro-x-advanced-cleaning-system.