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Maybelline Color Show Vintage Leather Plush Plum #Swatches and #Review

I was at Target a few days ago and found a lot of great items on clearance including the Color Show polishes for only $1.50 each. Regular price on these polishes is $3.00 so I grabbed the two colors that I liked the most, a gorgeous classic red and this plum. I really loved how pretty this Plush Plum looked in the bottle, especially for fall. Now that I have had a chance to try it out though I am pretty disappointed in it and might return the red one without even trying it. It was really my mistake for not paying attention to the Vintage Leather label, I had no idea that this was going to dry to look like leather. So when I applied it and it almost instantaneously dried into a very matte and strange finish, I didn't like it at all. But let's look at the bottle first, shall we. It really is very pretty and that is why this color called to me.

There are fuchia and silver matte sparkles (does that make sense?) or as they called it, crushed pearls, that give the color some texture and bling. I had imagined that it would look so pretty and glossy. 

With flash.

Okay so application was strange. Almost as soon as you apply the first line, it will begin to dry so you have to move super fast or it will get really irregular and bumpy. When it dried instead of a beautiful glossy shine with pearl accents, I had a very dry and bumpy looking nail. Then the vintage leather name hit me and I had to laugh, because it was my own fault. Maybelline really did a good job recreating a distressed vintage leather look, if I did not read the label and figure out that it would be matte, then that was my fault. So I decided to give it a chance and I did my other hand. 

All day I looked at my nails and after a while they begun to grow on me. It wasn't until I took a shower and came out with three chipped nails that I realized it just would not work. Three of my nails had tiny chips on them just three hours after polish and all because I had showered, not good! By that evening the chips had spread out more. I don't think I had ever used a polish that did not even last a few hours. 

super fast drying
the color got a bit darker on the following days and the sparkles stood out more, which I liked
if you are looking for a leather look for an event this will probably work very well
I only found a few at the store but there is a nice color range with some really pretty shades

chips so fast
strange matte finish if you were not expecting it

Ultimately I ended up liking the finish and how it got darker as the days passed. But it is only my third day with the polish and a few of my nails are more than halfway chipped. I would have already redone them if I had the time. So even though this was on sale I don't think it is worth the three hours I got with no chips. I usually buy the Wet N Wild polishes for only $2 and those don't chip for about 3-4 days. My first experience with Color Show was not a good one. I would definitely say skip this vintage line completely. 

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