Gelatina de Leche w/ Candy Corn Toppings a Halloween Hit #Positivismo - Sammy Makes Six

Gelatina de Leche w/ Candy Corn Toppings a Halloween Hit #Positivismo

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In our home milk is the most purchased grocery item. It can be so hard to make sure that the kids are getting enough vitamins in their foods especially because a few of them tend to be very picky. When they drink milk in cereal, with their afternoon snack or just as a drink, I know they are getting vitamins and calcium they desperately need. That's why we make sure to stock it as soon as we are running out. If you buy milk as much as we do, you will appreciate this $1 off 2 gallons of milk coupon. I printed mine out this week and grabbed a gallon for the house and a gallon for this delicious recipe that I made with the kids just in time for Halloween. If you have been looking for something to make that is easy and fun for them, you might like this idea. 

Gelatina de Leche w/ Candy Corn Toppings (Milk Gelatin)

2 cans Evaporated milk
2 cups regular milk2 cans condensed milk
1 1/2 cups of water
6 packages unflavored gelatin
3 Tbsp pure vanilla extract
1 cinnamon stick


In a medium saucepan heat 1 1/2 cups of water with cinnamon stick to boil. In a medium sized bowl dissolve 6 packages of unflavored gelatin into the water. Place to the side while using the same saucepan to heat: evaporated milk, regular milk, condensed milk and the vanilla. Stir constantly trying not to let the bottom stick. Right before mixture begins to boil add gelatin and remove from heat. Allow to cool for about 15 minutes and pour into mold or cups. Refrigerate until firm. 

You can find small plastic cups at dollar stores or Walmart and give each child their own cup once it has set. The kids will love decorating their cups and topping them off with candy corns. Our kids happen to love candy corns but if you don't like those, any other candy topping will do. Chocolates chopped up into tiny pieces or M&M's would work really well. 

I loved my end result, this one was for me since Gelatina de Leche happens to be one of my favorite Mexican desserts. A cute ribbon, small Halloween details and a plastic wine glass made this a special cup of gelatina for sure.
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Don't forget to get your $1 off 2 gallons of milk coupon. Please share and let everyone know where they can grab this coupon too. For more milk-based recipes visit Toma Leche online and Toma Leche on Facebook.
I love Gelatina de Leche. What is your favorite Latino dessert made with milk?

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