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Five Things That Will Make You Feel Better On An Icky, Yucky, Sickly Day

So me and this cold had been flirting with each other since last Friday. Yesterday it finally decided to hit me head on and I have been in misery since. I was so sick I almost missed a deadline yesterday and another this morning. I just can't think, much less create content, when my head feels the size of a hot air balloon. I got the two most important things out of the way but still have a huge list of to-do's. It's also the first of the month, which means I have a lot of subscriptions and bills to deal with too!

But even when you are sick as a dog, life goes on and all those responsibilities have to be dealt with. I compiled a short list of things that will surely make you feel better on your worst sick day. Sure you won't be 100% better, but they might help you enough to at least function your way through the day. 

Your fave coffee or tea - Yesterday I had tea all day and today I had some of my new Pumpkin Spice creamer in coffee. This is the first time I try this and it is delicious! Getting to drink it in one of my new Anthro mugs is also a treat too! Bring out your prettiest mug and take your time preparing your drink. Then take a few minutes to actually enjoy it!

Pretty nail colors - Even if your face is swollen and red you can still wear a pretty and happy color on your nails. Cute nail polish always perks me up.

A great scent and lip balm - I am doing this as soon as I pop in the shower, though I will probably opt for a lighter scent than Forever Red. Your favorite scent and a great balm on your lips will help you feel pampered and less icky. 

Remind yourself you are not always so unattractive -  When I went to wash my face today I could not believe I was the person looking back at me. My eyes were so swollen and red, my nose is also super red and peeling. Quite a hag! I had to remind myself that I am not always this scary looking creature. So I posted a picture of myself on a better day to remind myself that it's only temporary.

Catch up on a favorite show - I have a ton of work and will not be able to sit and watch. But I am plugging in my headphones and at least listen to a few episodes of The Walking Dead while I work. Nothing like the zombie apocalypse to liven up any day. In fact I should have added Daryl Dixon to the list, for surely watching him for a while will many anyone feel better!

I would love to know some of your tips for feeling better on the yuckiest of sickly days. 

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