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Caramel Apples w/ Nestle Chocolate Toppings

Just in time for October and National Apple Month, as part of a sponsored post for Collective Bias, I am bringing you a delicious recipe for Caramel Apples topped with Nestle Chocolates!

Did you know that October is National Apple month? I did not know this, but really what better month to celebrate apples than this one. As part of the #ChooseSmart campaign, I got to go to one of my favorite stock-up stores to purchase the makings for a favorite of mine since I was little, caramel apples! YUM! Smart & Final has always been a favorite of mine because they have everything from really fresh produce, delicious bakery items, meat products and warehouse sized items, without having to have a pricey membership. You can pop into a Smart & Final and get your entire shopping list taken care of, plus some extras. I had a list when I went, but as usual, I wasn't able to stick to it and ended up also buying the most adorable cauldron Halloween buckets for the kids and even a pumpkin for carving. There was a great selection of pumpkins, which was a surprise as I hadn't though of buying ours there before.

For my caramel apple recipe I found the most beautiful Red Delicious and Fuji apples and I grabbed the large bag of Nestle Chocolates. 

I was excited for this recipe because as I said, I love caramel apples. Have you ever seen how much these cost at the specialty stores in the mall? Last time I bought one it was over six dollars! I was ready to make my own and share with you all how easy it is to make this treat, and how you can do it without having to break the bank! 

This is actually something really fun to make as a family or with friends. Halloween is coming and this is something you can do during a party and let everyone dip their own apples into the topping of their choice. A  tip that will make it easier: the cute orange cups I purchased were cute but not really practical. Look for larger bowl sized containers to make the dipping and rolling easier. Besides the ingredients you will also need popsicle sticks, wax paper and a candy thermometer. I found mine for under $4 at Walmart. The recipe is pretty basic and I could not believe how few ingredients it takes to make these delicious treats:
Caramel Ingredients for 8-10 large apples
  • 2 cups brown sugar
  • 1 cup light corn syrup
  • 1/2 cups melted butter
  • 1 can sweetened condensed milk
  • 1 tablespoon vanilla
  • 8-10 large apples or 12-14 small apples for kids
  • large bag of Nestle Miniature Chocolates

Cut at least 10 of each Nestle Miniatures flavor into small pieces and pour into containers wide enough to roll apples in. We cut ours a little too big and they had a harder time sticking, so you might try going smaller. Wash and dry your apples and insert popsicle sticks, set both aside to wait for caramel. 

Before putting on the stove, combine all of the ingredients. Once they are really well mixed set on stove on medium heat. Attach a candy thermometer and cook to soft ball stage (230/240 degrees). You do not need to stir anymore because we have already stirred enough before putting on the heat. As soon as you reach the temp required remove from heat and as quickly as possible dip apples into the caramel and twist so you cover as much of it as possible. Set apples on a cookie sheet or plate covered in wax paper. Before caramel cools, dip into desired toppings. I found the caramel to cool pretty quickly so be ready with toppings and plates so that you don't have everything falling off. 

Delicious! I was so happy the caramel came out perfect. I know this can be tricky for a lot of people, especially the first time they try making it. 

Smart N Final has a great promotion coming this week! Buy 4 select Nestle items and get one free bag of Nestle Candy - an $8.99 value” good from Oct. 16-29th. I already purchase almost every item on the list above, that means it should be easy enough to earn that free item. I will definitely have to go back when the sale starts! This is also a great sale for stocking up on Halloween candy, kids love Nestle candies! Smart & Final also offers large batches of Halloween candy for organizations.


Find more delicious fall recipes and sale info by following Smart & Final on Facebook and Twitter.

The apples were a huge hit and almost no one could believe we had actually made them from scratch. And really I am not a cook, I say this all the time because it is true, and yet this was not at all hard to make. I am planning on making more soon for my grandsons birthday party because it was so easy. If you try the recipe please let me know what you think! I hope yours turn out as yummy as mine did! 


Yumna Patricia said...

A mis hijos les encantan, como no si son tan ricas. Gracias por compartir.

1froglegs said...

I would make these and then eat the toppings off of the apple before biting into it. Somehow I think they would taste better when I am viewing them as a "topping".

Elena said...

Looks so yummy! I love caramel apples

creativestreets said...

Would love to try these

Nancy Loring said...

Growing up caramel apples were my favorite. Now that I am much older I still love them but my teeth aren't so happy with them.

lil_lady_dz said...

The caramel apples with butterfinger or just plain peanuts is my favorite. Love making these with my kids, so much fun!

Nancy Loring said...

The kids and I made these yesterday and they came out delicious.

Alpa Ash said...
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Alpa Ash said...

wow the recipe is mouthwatering. it looks delicious and the fact that its made at home is all the more better because we can know how much calories are being taken and measure the right quantity of ingredients.

Jordan James said...

These look good any time during the year! :)

Shelly Peterson said...

oh yum! The kids love caramel apples, but this is even better. What a great idea!