Baby's First Trip To See Snow and Keeping Her Skin Protected This Winter #BigBear #JOHNSONSBaby - Sammy Makes Six

Baby's First Trip To See Snow and Keeping Her Skin Protected This Winter #BigBear #JOHNSONSBaby

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We live in Southern California and that means that if we want to see snow, we have to trek up to the mountains to see it.  I have a terrible phobia of curvy roads and have never been able to drive one, and I most definitely don't drive up mountain roads because I might just have a panic attack halfway up and be stuck forever. That means that my older girls didn't see snow for the first time until they were pretty old and other family members took them up to see it. One of the most cherished memories I have of Sammy when she was a baby is the day that we went up to Big Bear.  This was quite an ordeal for me of course, but if I trust anybody in this world it is Adrian and he insisted that we had to take her up to Big Bear so she could enjoy the first snow fall. 

She was just a tiny baby and din't know what that cold stuff under her feet was. When we first tried sitting her down to take a picture, she did not like it at all. I got ONE shot of her next to this tiny snow man before she burst out in tears. Lucky I got the one pic and now we can tease her because she loves snow just like her papa. They are a pair of snow birds and will go up on their own as many times as they can during the winter months. 

Winter is such a great time for making special memories with our children. Johnson’s Baby would like you and your family to have a wonderful memory-filled winter by helping to protect your baby’s skin with their JOHNSON’s Intense Moisture Cream. Cold weather can leave baby's skin extremely dry and even chapped. JOHNSON’S Baby Intense Moisture Cream is specifically designed for extra dry skin. When baby’s skin is particularly dry, regular lotion doesn’t moisturize enough or last as long as necessary. JOHNSON'S Baby Intense Moisture Cream provides deep hydration to help relieve dryness and give baby comfortably soft skin all day long. It is clinically proven to seal in moisture for 24 hours and contains 2% dimethicone, an ingredient used to help form a protective barrier on the skin, locking in moisture.

JOHNSON'S Baby Intense Moisture isn't just for little ones either, the whole family can use it. Our mornings have started getting very chilly and I put a nice coat of this on Sammy's hands and face when I walk her to school, so she can be protected from the cold. I have been using it on my hands too because that is where I get extra dry and itchy. Grab a tube of JOHNSON's Baby Intense Moisture Cream and protect the entire family's skin this winter.

What is one of your favorite winter memories?

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