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Is It Time To Find Your Elderly Parent a Caregiver? #SHGenworth

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When your parent/s become older they can almost become like a child of yours. I know this is not the case with everyone, not all grown children take part in their parents lives once they are older, but a lot of us do. My mom was an older parent, she had my youngest brother when she was past 40 so in our eyes she aged pretty fast. If she had been healthier, I know my mom would still be living on her own and perfectly independent. But by the age of 72 my mom had already suffered 4 strokes and each one took more and more from her, until it came to the point that one of us live with her. 

As much as I love my mom, this is not a situation that I recommend. I wish that I could, but there are certain people who make it impossible to live with them. My mom is very hard headed, she likes things her way or no way at all. She always lived alone and didn't have anyone to tell her how to do things, so living with my family and I has been very difficult for her. Because she is very stubborn and refuses to compromise, it has also been very hard on us. 

That is why I have recently begun to think that finding her an assisted living facility or have her move out and have a care giver attend to her in her own home, would be the ideal thing to do. This has not been an easy decision to come to and I don't want my mom to ever think she is not wanted. But the more I think about it, the more I see that we need to do this in order to preserve our relationship as well as our sanity. 

One is thing is for sure, we are not rushing into anything. This is something that will require time and it's not going to even happen until we can move from this town. We have been hoping to move by next year, and I want my mom to be close to us. So we'll be stuck together a while longer, and if anything I am trying to make these next months nicer for her, so she can see we do care and that even after she has moved out, we will be there all the time. These really are such hard decisions and I applaud every grown child who helps make sure their parents are in the right place and being taken care of properly. 

If you need help, there is so much information online, you can find articles that will help you decide when it's time to have your parent move closer to you, or when it's time to look into a caregiver. If you are going through this at the moment, know you are not alone and so many of us are right here with you trying to sort it all out too. It's hard having to go through this sort of thing with our parents, but really we are lucky to have them still with us and we need to enjoy our relationship with them as much as we can.

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