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Feeling Fresh, Sexy and Confident!

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Today I am talking to you about feeling fresh and sexy and confident in a relationship. But the truth of the matter is that I didn't always feel sexy or confident. I have been with my boyfriend Adrian now for almost 8 years. As I look back upon those years, I realize how much one thing has affected us. Confidence, or in this case, lack thereof. Right after having Sammy and getting very sick, I started letting myself go and just not caring about my looks. And even though I went back to my pre-baby weight after having her, I let the illness get to me and sat around until I had gained over forty pounds. After gaining the weight my confidence took the most terrible hit. I felt so disgusted with myself that I was sure this was the same way Adrian felt. I literally pushed him away to the point where there was almost no relationship. Sure we lived together and were raising our daughter, but WE were not together. And anytime the poor guy even tried to hug me, I completely pushed him even further away. I was just so grossed out and unhappy with me, that I could not see that in his eyes I was still the woman he loves and that even though I was heavier than normal, he was still attracted to me. A lot. 

And that is how lack of confidence can kill a relationship, if you let it. 

At some point I began to accept myself again and I realized that I was not this ugly, disgusting creature I was making myself out to be. I was still me, just a little bit chubbier, but still me. I accepted myself plus my extra weight and began to put the old me back together. I got a haircut, I bought a few new clothes and I brought out all the things that make me feel good. 

Confidence Boosters:
  • Good hygiene is important in a relationship. I know I am very picky and will not kiss or even hug A.B. in the morning before he showers. I am willing to admit now that in those days when I was feeling bad about myself, I would actually go a few days without showering. Yuck right?
  • Cleanliness, especially in intimate areas, is very important. An intimate wipe like Fresh + Sexy Wipes, can have you fresh and clean in seconds! 
  • Cosmetics are a must for me, especially when I really want to feel sexy and confident. And not just for him, but more importantly for me. Even on my worst day, a bright lip helps me feel immediately a hundred times better.
  • A favorite scent is also a great confidence booster. I have many scents that I love and I know that when I smell really good, I feel great.

As a busy mom who works 8-12 hours per day, Fresh + Sexy wipes are a great item to have for freshening up on the spur of the moment and should be part of every woman's beauty arsenal. Keep some on hand for all those special intimate moments and also for those moments when you just need extra freshening. We all have those days when we feel a little bit icky right? Grab a fresh + sexy wipe and see for yourself how that light citrus scent leaves you feeling fresh and confident in no time at all. Find out more about Fresh + Sexy Intimate wipes.

The most important thing I have learned in these 8 years with Adrian is that it's not how he looks at me that is important, it's how I look at myself. I needed to find that inner confidence again so that I could feel sexy and secure in my relationship. So far it's made a huge difference and we are on the right track  again. :)

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