Date Night : Knott's Scary Farm Opening Night #ScaryFarm - Sammy Makes Six

Date Night : Knott's Scary Farm Opening Night #ScaryFarm

Adrian and I don't get to spend a lot of together time alone. It truly is a rarity for him and I to get a chance to go off on a full day, without either Sammy or one of the older girls. It finally happened yesterday when we set off on an adventure, just him and I.

We hit the road really early for Los Angeles, where Adrian ran around as fast as he could seeing as many clients as he could fit in. We had an event to attend at 5:30 and I had threatened that he'd better not make me late for it. At exactly 4:45 he finished and we hit the freeways to get to our exciting destination.

So where was this exciting destination?

We were invited as to media night at Knott's Scary Farm! Now as much as I love a good horror movie and am a huge fan of crazed clowns and zombies, I don't really enjoy seeing them in person as much. But hey you only live once right? And I told Adrian we could go enjoy the event, find out more about how the event gets put on and maybe go on a few rides. I did tell him that he would be going on all the mazes, if you recall, there are 15 Scary Farm mazes and since we even got the famous Skeleton Key, Adrian would be getting to enjoy all 15 of the mazes plus the bonus rooms, ALONE.

We arrived to see that Knott's is super decked out for the occasion. I love Halloween!

At first evetything was going great, there was a dj spinning great music as the media waited to see what Knott's would be pulling out. The suddenly this happend.

HMMMM.... pretty scary stuff. They literally tore her to bits, I did not get a pic of the big red stain that was left on the floor because it was too gruesome. But now life went on and we headed off the a great reception held for all of us. 

There was delicious food and wine as well as some strange lookin fold hanging around. We got to meet a table full of great new people and Adrian and I got to bond a little as he managed to get more than a little bit drunk.

I have another post coming with many more pics and videos of the event. First I have to figure out how to post the videos on to the page, but I will get that up as soon as I can. For right now I can tell you though that if you love to be scared and freaked out, you will love Knott's Scary Farm. There are crazy clowns, demons and all kinds of spooky people following you and making you want to run and cry. I had the best time and Adrian had a complete blast. Will be sharing more soon!

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