Around The Inland Empire #ThisIsTheIE - Sammy Makes Six

Around The Inland Empire #ThisIsTheIE

The past 2 weeks the skies have given me some great opportunities for pictures. While it has been incredibly hot (100's and up) we've also had a lot of clouds.  Here are some shots we caught that I really loved. If you want to see more you can always follow me on IG, where I share everything.

Sunset as Adrian and Sam were driving down the mountain from Idyllwild. 

Earlier that same day as they were driving up the curvy roads. Crazy Adrian was driving and taking pictures. I practically beat him up over this. 

After the rain cleared and the sun was coming out through the trees.

On the 70 Freeway headed out of San Jacinto to the 10. That day the sky was full of clouds. 

 Right outside of Jack's new job. These are the mountains right behind San Jacinto. These babies are right on the side of our house and I see them all the time. 

Rancho Cucamonga right outside the Costco. 

This is in that same area. I had to capture that shot of the mountains with all the clouds above them. If you live in the I.E. you get used to seeing these mountains all around us, till the point you don't see them anymore. But they truly are beautiful. This is a hot area to live in, and it's not very exciting but if you look around you, you will see there is beauty to behold. You just have to look.

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