A Magical Little Mermaid Sleepover #Ariel - Sammy Makes Six

A Magical Little Mermaid Sleepover #Ariel

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My older girls are now 24,21,19 and 18 and even at those ages, they continue to adore Ariel and all things The Little Mermaid. Ariel is a princess who was wasn't willing to conform with what life had dealt her and she was willing to step way out of her comfort zone to be where she really wanted. That is why she is one of my favorite Disney Princesses. Of course when we heard that The Little Mermaid was going to be coming out of the vault (October 1), we all got completely excited. Finally Sammy and Darlene will get a chance to see this entire movie and get to really know Ariel. No more just singing the songs and watching Sing-a-Long videos, our girls are finally going to see why we love The Little Mermaid so much. In preparation for the launch of this movie, we got to go to Walmart to purchase some really fun and cute Little Mermaid items for the girls to use and play with during a little party we had for them this past Sunday.

I wanted them to have a lot of fun so we purchased three of the Sparking Princess dolls, which are age appropriate for them and so beautiful and sparkly! I think they have one for every princess, but these are actually harder to find because they are so popular. I did see a few of them on the Walmart site and had to order two that way. 

We also purchased this Little Mermaid dress that is just adorable, and you know what? It is super affordable because it's at Walmart. I have seen variations of this dress that are pretty pricey, so finding this for only $19.99 was a real steal. Not only was it perfect for our Princess sleepover, but Darlene can play dress-up in it to her hearts content and she is also going to be wearing it on Halloween. I love it when we can get so much use out of one item!

The day of the party we got super lucky because the weather was absolutely prefect. After suffering through the high 90's and hundreds, we woke up the an amazing 83 degrees and beautiful! Perfect for our little girls who were going to be running around all day. After some brekky they were ready for the first phase of the party which was a full princess makeover. Daniella, a good friend of my daughter's came over to do their makeup, which was so fun for them. Sammy loves getting to try on mommies makeup, so you can bet they were thrilled to actually get to sit and relax while being made over. 

To top it all off they each had their gorgeous Disney Princess dress. I think this is the 5th and 6th princess dress Darlene and Sammy have in their dress up box, because what like girl doesn't love to dress up?

Now our guest list of two was complete and as they came out for everyone to see, we all had to ooh and aah at that hair! I won't lie, that Merida hair is crazy extreme and so far I have been unable to fix it in any way so that Sammy doesn't look like a crazed woman. It was totally the opposite with Ariel's wig, everyone wanted to try that beautiful red hair on. Luckily both wigs ran really small so the older girls were unable to wear them or they might have actually stolen that one. 

As for Sam and Darlene, they were so happy to have full Disney Princess costumes with wigs. The wigs were kind of a bonus and something I do not normally splurge on, so this was a real treat for them. The little dollar crowns I found complimented them perfectly and really completed the princess look.

Now our girls were ready to enjoy their dolls. I have of course been told that I need to buy the rest of the Sparkle Princesses. 

They played with their dolls, and they also wrote little stories in Ariel themed notebooks to act out. This is why I love having so many dress up items for them, it gives them such an outlet for creativity. They love acting out scenes, dancing and singing and what I love is that they can do this without technology! Our kids are big tech geeks, so I really like it when they can step away from that and enjoy good old fashioned playing. 

All in all it was a very successful day and both of the girls had a ton of fun. This was the first time in a long time all of my girls were under one roof, so while they played we caught up while eating pizza and cupcakes. When evening arrived we all got to sit with popcorn and watch Snow White together. It was a pretty magical day and one we will have to repeat again very soon!

There is so much fun to be had with the The Little Mermaid and other Disney Princess toys and items. Walmart has a huge selection! Besides the dolls, costumes and food, I spent very little on all the little accessories and extras. So as you can see, you can have a sleepover or dress-up party for your girls/boys very inexpensively, especially if you already have the dress up items. Check out the Pinterest board below to see more #DisneyPrincessPlay and Ariel themed party ideas. 

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