A Little Bit Of #NokiaLumia Love #tech #geek - Sammy Makes Six

A Little Bit Of #NokiaLumia Love #tech #geek

Even though I am an HTC lover at heart, recently I switched over to a Windows 8 phone. I had been seeing the commercials and was really intrigued with the live tiles and how you can see everything at a glace. I really fell in love the clean style of the Nokia Lumia so I searched for a really affordable option and found the Nokia Lumia 521. This is actually the most affordable Lumia available, I thought it would be a perfect way to find out if a Windows phone is really for me or not, without spending too much. I've had the phone on for a month now and I can really say that I absolutely love it. Though this particular model only has a 5MP camera and is lacking any flash (biggest down point) it is still super decent and as long as I have light, I can take some really good pictures. Everything else about it is pretty great, and seriously for what this cost me, it is lightning fast. I love to joke with Adrian who has an iPhone 5 on Sprint and is always struggling to find a signal, that my little $120 phone runs on 4G and beats the heck out of his. Of course I am now hoping to be able to get a more expensive model, with a better camera, but for now I am really happy with my little phone. I love it so much I take a lot of pictures of it..lol. It's just the customization options are so fun and I love changing the colors. And seriously it's a great looking phone!

I will definitely be keeping my little Lumia till I can figure out how to get my hands on a Nukia Lumia 1020, I want one of those so badly, but they are soooo expensive :(

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