When He Was a Little Munchkin - Sammy Makes Six

When He Was a Little Munchkin

I ran into some pictures of a little photo shoot I did with Anthony when he was just a few months old. He was such a tiny, dark, little thing, almost scary. It's not doubt that we as his family love him because even when he was this unattractive, we still thought he was so cute. 

I remember his eyes were very strange when he was that age. They were a weird dark green mixed with yellow, almost like a cammo green.

This was the good shot, the one I used for the review of the outfit he was wearing. 

In this shot he looks like he is being held at gunpoint. LOL

And the feetuses were so cute. I loved these little socks. 

They grow up so fast, let's make sure we are taking time to enjoy each moment. 

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