Wet n Wild Haul #RiteAid #WetNWildHaul #Beauty #Cosmetics #WetNWild - Sammy Makes Six

Wet n Wild Haul #RiteAid #WetNWildHaul #Beauty #Cosmetics #WetNWild

Last night after dinner, Adrian and I took a trip to Walgreen's to see if there were any sales to be had. I was shocked to find that there was not one orange tag in the entire cosmetics department! The good thing is that there is a Rite Aid right across the street, so we ditched Walgreen's and headed over there. This is where I found all Wet N Wild products at 40% off. I am not a couponer so I did not have any coupons to bring down the prices more, but still 40% off is really good on these already affordable products, so I grabbed quite a few items. 

Total spent: $22.55 and I have a $3 Up Reward because I guess they had $3 for every $10 you spent on Wet n Wild. No idea why I didn't get $6, maybe you have to do the transactions separately. I will have to ask my sister who is the couponer. 

Megalast Lipstick $1.99 sale price $1.19
Sugar Plum Fairy 

Megalast Liquid Lip Colors $2.99 sale price $1.79.
2 Cherry On Top 
Rose to the Occasion
Raisin the Roof
High Pitched Wine

3 Coverall Pressed Powder in Medium/Tan $2.99 sale price $1.79
1 Coverall Cream Foundation in Medium Tan $3.99 sale price $2.39

Eye Makeup Remover $1.99 sale price $1.19
Mega Liner $2.99 same price $1.79

I might even go back for some more stuff today, just so I can have for when the girls run out of their current makeup. I usually spend a lot more on their stuff, so this might be a good way to save some money, even if this brand is a little less "posh". I will be bringing you a review on these items in the coming week. I am excited to try the lip colors most! 

Is Wet n Wild a brand you purchase and if so, which is your favorite product?

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