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The Perfect Cup of French Press Coffee

I love coffee and I have always enjoyed trying out the many ways to make it. Right now I am in love with making it on my Green  Press from Starbucks. I got this 8 cup French Press at the end of last year for half off ($10) and hadn't really used it at all. The few times I brought it down, I made so-so coffee. But last week when I ran out of K-cups, I decided it was time to perfect my cup of coffee and after some trial and error plus plenty of Googling, I have got it! The perfect cup of French Pressed coffee.

It is suggested to use a medium grind so that all the grinds can get seeped out. It would be best to grind my own. But I have not graduated to that step yet. For now I use my regular favorite coffee brand and really all that happens is that my cup has a gathering of grinds at the bottom, but they never appear in the coffee or make my cup any worse. 

The amount of coffee you use will depend a lot on how strong you like your cup. For this 8 cup press, I use 4 cups of coffee grinds. I started at 5 and have slowly figured out this is how I really enjoy it.

Heat water. This was a hard one for me because I kept reading not to let it boil. However I don't like the idea of hot water that didn't boil in my coffee, plus I like my cup to be really hot. So I let it get to the point where it just begins to boil and then I pour immediately. 

Let coffee seep for a minute and then stir vigorously, this is an extra step I just picked up that really seems to make a difference. Let the coffee steep another four minutes, it is important to leave the lid off of the press. This allows the coffee to "bloom" as much as possible. 

Once four minutes have passed, press the coffee and serve immediately. I am a slow coffee drinker but even so by the time I serve my second cup, it is still hot. That is why I make sure the water is hot enough to begin with. 

And that is all. It really takes less than ten minutes to make my coffee every morning and I just make sure not to start it until I know I can pay attention to the brew time. It's not as easy and convenient as a K-cup but it's also cheaper. But overall for me it is about taste and I have really been enjoying making it on the press, and I am saving my Keuring for the iced coffee. If you are one of those "picky" coffee drinkers you will probably suggest I have to grind my own beans and order them from Kenya or some far away place, but this works just fine for me. 

Now I am off to enjoy my wonderful cup of Vanilla coffee. Cheers :)

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