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Steam Up Your Shower With Yes To #spon

This article is sponsored by Yes to, all opinions are my own.

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Yes to...who are they? I know I had heard of them before, but I didn't know until this campaign, just how special this brand really is. But how can you go wrong with a company that delivers awesome products made with organic fruits and veggies plus a smile at an affordable price? You can't go wrong. I was super excited to be getting my Yes to package in the mail and when it arrived, I was not disappointed at all. Four 16.9 oz (huge) bottles of body wash arrived at my doorstep and when I opened each one to smell them, I was hooked. Just check out these scents: Yes to carrots, Yes to cucumbers, Yes to blueberries and Yes to grapefruit. Yummy! 

So you have the very clean and pretty presentation  the delicious scents and the tremendous size at a great value, but what else makes these body washes different? Yes to body washes are 96% natural and free of Parabens, Petroleum and SLS. You can nourish, hydrate, soothe and rejuvenate your skin with this natural goodness and it's only going to cost you $8.99 per bottle. Really! Now you know that is super affordable and for what you are getting, it is an amazing price. Well because of my partnership in this campaign with Yes to, I can offer you an even better deal, so you can try these amazing body washes for yourself. Use promo code Y2LINQ and get your second bottle for 50% off.

And believe me, once you smell these divine body washes you are going to want more than one bottle. I am in love with all but especially the Blueberry which smells incredible. I think you should definitely try these out for yourself. Use the code above and get to steaming up your shower with Yes to :)

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